7 Best Vinyl Cutter Software [2022 List]

Starting from the root level, a Vinyl cutter software is primarily a cutter of vinyl.

What is Vinyl? It is self-adhesive plastic. Hence this cutter’s main use is to cut out the plastic into shapes. Technically, it is a computer-controlled machine. The computer controls the movement of sharp blades over materials. The vinyl sheet cut is in use to be stuck to a variety of surfaces.

The vector drawing software is used to create a vector-based image. This design is passed on to the cutter via USB or serial cable, where it cuts along the vector path( direction), commanded via design. You can go on creating your logos, designs, and decals.

Primarily employed for advertisement on automobiles and vans. They are also employed for enhancing attires. You have to cut the mirror image of the attire, sew it, run a hot press over it, and your logo/design is imprinted extremely well.

We know you would agree with me that many services regarding business in attires, plastic, etc., have lost their effective motion during a lockdown. No matter how depressing it sounds, a way has to be carved out to restart.

The sellers can sell their materials from home, but how to manufacture the finishing from raw? Workout any staff help? Well, to your rescue, we have this portable, almost printer-sized vinyl cutter where you can create and print out your designs, thus ensuring continuous production and selling of customizable goods.

What is the Best Software for Vinyl Cutting?

To help you out, we have listed below some of the best Vinyl Cutter software. They would save you from the hubbub of extended staff requirements and low goods production in this scenario of lockdown.

1. Vinylmaster LTR

Vinylmaster LTR vinyl cutter software

Want to create the most alluring vinyl lettering? Here is the solution. A complete treasure of powerful text, curve, and object tools. It provides a wide spectrum of lettering, logos, signage, etc.

Top-notch vector-based artwork is evident. Vectorizers are available for super-accurate tracing of images. File types supporting artwork include – .dxf, .eps , etc. Some supremely amazing image editing tools are present.

It is also equipped with special image effects. 5000 direct drivers for cutter/printer are available. Two hundred plus tutorials and lessons are incorporated, cost-free. Highly recommended.

2. Vector Mega Vault

The mega vault collection includes 9 collections containing over 3550 images. Compatible with all operating systems. Perfect for decals, stickers, and t-shirts. The number of vector points is reduced for easy cutting.

File formats include EPS, AI, CDR, and JPG. It provides all-cut ready images. Mostly all images are hand-drawn and optimized for cutting. Highly compatible with all plotters and major design, sign making programs.

It is a must-have vault of collections for all designers, sign makers, and professionals. Exquisite and clean details are present. Impressive vector image quality is promised. CD ROM is easy to navigate, and no pre-installation is required.

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3. Vinlymaster PRO V4.0

Vinlymaster PRO V4.0 vinyl cutter software

Highly compatible with Windows. Even with the best vinyl heat press machine. Not compatible with macOS. But you can download through digital discs.

They guarantee high-quality results and fantastic decisions. Being Pro, it is the best contour cutting software. Ensures precise cut and printed areas. 3D modeling and gradient fill options are also available.

Highly recommended for professionals. Best pre-signed cutting software. Even best for business. Easy download and installation provided.

4. CNC Designs 638370024458 – Vector Graphics For CNC Machines

One of the best cutting software for CNC machines. It has over 350 vector graphics preinstalled. Highly recommended for professional purposes. Easy to use.

It is highly compatible with different cutter types. Hence employed widely. Eases out the design and editing. Imparts great learning experience to the beginners.

It is an ideal cutter software for craft hobbyists and logo designers. Easy to install. The database graphics are knowledgeable. Serves amazing customization.

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5. Sure Cuts A Lot V4

Sure Cuts A Lot V4 vinyl cutter software

It is free software for the Mac system for Vinyl X name. This ensures free size cutting, also with the feature of plotting. It is highly user-friendly.

Primarily it is an electronic cutting software. Highly compatible with automatic cutting machines. You can even control the font, design, and shape. It is ideal for beginners and small businesses.

You can even create your templates. It provides an auto-tracing feature as well. Hence you can control the shape and cut of the image. Designs from other programs can also be imported.

6. CoreldRaw Vinyl Cutting Software

Highly compatible for beginners and professionals. Even affordable. It ensures easy editing of the design. Even facilitates with the designs.

It is supported by both- Windows OS and Mac OS. It ensures comparatively better designing and editing skills. You can modify the vector designs as well. Hence user friendly.

The modified designs are also eligible for cutting. It provides a touch of professionalism. It promises accurate cutting. Many plotter options are available hence we highly recommend it.

7. Greenstar VinylMaster Cut

Compatible on PC with a Windows operating system. The RAM requirements involve 512 MB space. In contrast, the hard disk space required is 50 MB. Primarily offers to cut in the printed area.

Also, plotting features in the printed area are provided. Best for Windows. You can even download the US cutter software with Greenstar Vinyl Master Cut.

It does not require a disc for activation. The USB interface is the utmost requirement. It works for laser point 2. You can also employ that for Graphtec software.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

We know you are fretting over the fact that which one would best suit you; they all are just so appealing!

Let me help you out. If you want to start with basics/learning, then go for CorelDraw vinyl cutting software. Later on, you can employ it for professional use also.

If you are already a master, VinylMaster LTR, VinylMaster PRO V4.0, CNC DESIGNS 638370024458 – vector graphics machines for CNC serve you the best. Don’t forget to vault in the best designs at your service. Expand your dimension of intricate designs using- Vector Mega vault.

Based on your budget, you can reach out for comparatively inexpensive software, but do not worry about output as all of them deliver promising results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Is The Best Vinyl Cutter For Home Use?

The best vinyl cutter for home use from the list above is Vinyl Master PRO. As it is compatible with Windows. Best contour cutting software with high-quality results. Easy to install with features readily available for a decal, majorly worked on at homes. Likewise, the top ranker is USCutter MH 871, 34 inches.

What Format Do Vinyl Cutters Use?

EPS or Adobe Illustrator format through CS6 is the required format specification. Vinyl cutters support vector or outline files. If the entire text of the PDF file converts to outline, then vinyl cutters can deploy them too.

Eleggible’s Final Words

What do you think about the above Vinyl Cutter Software?

Now it’s your turn:

Which one of the above would you pick?

Or maybe you know some other options, which we did not cover here.

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