Visio for Mac: 9 Alternatives to Visio [Free & Paid]

Although Microsoft has never released Visio for Mac, the great news is there are a few incredible choices that do everything Visio can – and more!

In reality, in a few cases, we think the computer program highlighted here are indeed superior to Microsoft’s item when it comes to visual communication and collaboration.

Most are certainly less demanding to utilize and, in nearly every case, are more cost-effective than Visio Proficient 2019, which, as of now, costs $530.

9 Best Visio Alternatives for Mac & Diagramming Tools

There’s no got to say farewell to your valuable Visio charts and stencils either. All of the devices here can consequence and trade MS Visio records, although as it were our best choice, the fantastic SmartDraw can send out to the most recent Visio 2019 VSDX organize.

Here are the best Visio Alternatives for Mac.

1. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is effortlessly the foremost effective, however simple to utilize elective to Visio for Mac. The best thing approximately SmartDraw is that it does everything that Visio can but makes it distant, less complicated, and faster.

It’s been explicitly outlined to match Visio (instead of fair an all-purpose diagram device like many others), and this is often clear within the small touches that make it stand out from the crowd. 

For illustration, it’s the as it were elective to Visio that can both consequence and send out to the most original Visio 2019 VSDX format.

This is utterly crucial if you would like to work on diagrams with Visio based colleagues or Windows users, making SmartDraw effectively the most excellent Visio editor for Mac users. The same goes for Visio stencils.

If you have got hundreds of Visio stencils that you simply don’t need to say farewell to, you’ll fair consequence VSD and VSDX Visio stencils into SmartDraw and keep utilizing them.

visio for mac

These cover nearly every conceivable requirement from flowcharts, org charts, and floorplans to themes as differing electrical formats and wrongdoing scene reconstructions.

The time you spare by being able to plunge in and alter these ready-made formats immediately implies it takes mostly less time to make charts in SmartDraw compared to Visio.

2. OmniGraffle Pro

In case online apps are not your thing, OmniGraffle is the closest thing to a local Mac desktop elective to MS Visio. OmniGraffle is outlined particularly for Mac, although it’s a more aesthetic plan instrument than Visio, and it’s not as simple to utilize at SmartDraw.

In our recent post on burning DVD or CD through software like Nero, we have shared some of best alternatives to Nero that you can try to burn DVD or CD at no risk.

However, once aced, OmniGraffle produces appealing, proficient graphs, client interfacing, and wireframes that see superior to anything conceivable in Visio.

Visio Alternatives for mac
OmniGraffle Pro

It’s critical to note from the beginning that even though OmniGraffle can purport Visio records, it can’t trade files to the most recent Visio VSDX arrange as SmartDraw can. If you’re progressing to working nearby with PC based Visio, that will run the show it out straight from the off. 

OmniGraffle Master can moment all Visio groups (VSDX, VSD, VDX) fand Visio stencil records (VST, VTX, VSX, and VSS). Note that the Visio moment bolster isn’t accessible within the Standard Form of OmniGraffle ($99).

3. LucidChart

Lucidchart is a useful online Microsoft Visio for Mac with stable group collaboration highlights and fabulous integration with Microsoft Office.

While it’s not as smooth as similar Cloud-based arrangements like SmartDraw and doesn’t come near to it in terms of layouts, objects, or design quality, it’s still one of the driving diagramming instruments out there. Lucidchart can moment Visio records (even though it can’t trade to the most original Visio VSDX format).

You can moreover purport Visio stencils in VSS or VSX organize (even though Visio formats in VST or VTX organize are not supported).

One delightful touch is that Lucidchart tailors the interface and toolset agreeing to your industry and needs such as designing, flowcharting, UML diagramming, etc. 

Lucidchart truly exceeds expectations at multi-client collaboration and permits you to chat with others interior the app, see modification changes, take off comments, etc.

Microsoft Visio for Mac
Lucid chart

4. ConceptDraw Diagram

ConceptDraw Graph (once in the past ConceptDraw Professional) may be a cross-platform desktop elective to Visio that works on both Mac and Windows PCs. Firstly, it’s vital to be mindful that although it’s a decent diagramming device, the Visio format compatibility within the Mac adaptation isn’t high. 

ConceptDraw Graph claims to consequence Visio stencils in VSS format and Visio VSD/VDX (from Visio 2007-2010), but the reality is the designing could be a mess.

The same goes for ConceptDraw Diagram’s claim to trade to Microsoft’s more up to date open XML record arrange VSDX utilized in Visio 2013 and 2016. The VSDX purport and send out instrument does not work well at all and indeed no place close as quickly as with SmartDraw.

Be that as it may, in case Visio compatibility isn’t vital to you, ConceptDraw Diagram does distant better; a much better; a higher; a more reliable; an improved”>a more top work of sending out diagrams to Microsoft Office and Evernote among other formats.

There are a bounty of layouts to induce you going partitioned into diverse ranges such as arranging, designing, administration, science, flowcharts, etc.

There’s too a rich collection of tall quality vector objects, varying media clips, new formats, and instructional exercises in ConceptDraw Arrangement Stop.

visio alternatives for mac
ConceptDraw Diagram

5. Gliffy

Gliffy is an amazingly simple to utilize group centered Cloud chart program that’s perfect for collaborating on UML, organize charts, and org charts. Because of these features, we have included this in the list of best alternatives to Visio for Mac.

The last mentioned is for coordination and sharing your tables with Atlassian items such as Jira and Confluence. The most significant drawback of Gliffy is that even though it can moment Visio records, it can’t send out to Visio, which rules it out if you wish to work nearby other Visio clients.

It does be that as it may have a Chrome expansion, so even though it’s Cloud-based, you’ll be able to make graphs offline.

It too syncs with online capacity arrangements such as Google Drive and Dropbox straightforwardly from your desktop. Gliffy’s WYSIWYG interface is based on HTML5, which implies it’s quick and responsive. 

Visio for Mac

It employments a drag-and-drop interface, which makes it simple to include objects and connectors to your diagrams.

It is an excellent choice for groups because it has full amendment histories for graphs, private sharing, and all clients can take off comments on charts.

6. Creately

Creately may be a lightweight, fast, and cost-effective elective to Visio. It could be a part easier than Visio, but you’ll be able to make a few lovely amazing charts, Venn charts, flowcharts, and prepare streams with it.

Creately can moment but not send out to Visio VSDX format. There are a few slick touches in Creately, like shared venture libraries, a valuable Google Picture look device, and auto snapping of objects connectors. Moreover, it is to coordinate with Juncture, Jira, and the G Suite Marketplace.

visio alternatives for mac

It features a Mac desktop client, which permits you to draw offline and match up to any changes after you go online again.

There are thousands of formats to choose from to induce things done quickly. You can make up to 5 charts for complimentary in Creately some time recently choosing whether it’s for you.

7. Textographo

In case you utilize Visio Alternative for Mac in making flowcharts at that point, Textografo may be an information input based elective with a clean, moderate interface.

Textografo claims that by mechanizing charts, it’s the quickest chart device on the showcase even though it takes a few getting utilized to first.

Hence, it doesn’t cater to all chart groups but comprises of a Flowchart Producer, Mindmap Producer, Choice Tree Producer, Organizational Chart Producer, and a Sitemap Producer.

visio alternatives for mac

It takes an information input approach to the diagram by mechanizing graphs based on the information you nourish it.

Textografo is outlined, especially with commerce forms in intellect, particularly those in Handle Investigation, Commerce Operations, Computer program Advancement, Deals & Promoting, and Client Benefit roles.

Instead of drawing flowcharts by dragging and dropping shapes, you have got to “program” it in Textografo utilizing hashtags and enlightening within the cleared out hand edge, and Textografo draws it. 

This evacuates the ought always to adjust, resize and interface components and objects in flowcharts by computerizing much of the method for you through syntax.

However, as much as you’d now and then like to, you can’t good drag and drop components. You moreover can’t consequence or trade Visio records into Textografo.

8. MyDraw

MyDraw (once in the past known as Nevron Draw) could be a budget desktop elective to MS Visio for Mac. If the interface of MyDraw looks recognizable, that’s since it’s intensely propelled by Microsoft Office’s Lace UI utilized in all MS Office items.

Visio record organizes back is fabulous in MyDraw counting bolster for bringing in more seasoned VDX arrange and VSSX stencils too.

MyDraw can also purport, alter and trade Visio VSDX records (even though the comes about aren’t excellent with any sort of Visio file).

MyDraw can moreover, consequence family tree charts in GEDCOM arrange utilized in a family history computer program on Mac. Other send out groups upheld incorporate PDF, AutoCAD’s DXF organize, and as high-resolution images. 

Visio for Mac

MyDraw contains an exceptionally huge number of shapes and objects to select from and employments a useful equation-based motor comparable to Visio.

It moreover has programmed format calculations to speed things up when making diagrams. There are a bounty of free layouts for straightforward intellect maps, organize graphs, floor plans, angle bone graphs, workstreams, UML graphs, and electrical diagrams. 

9. EDraw Max

Edraw Max may be a cheaper desktop elective to Microsoft Visio for Mac with a strikingly comparable interface. There are a parcel of similitudes between Edraw and MyDraw, most eminently that they’re both desktop apps; additionally, they can see both consequences and send out Visio files.

In reality, the Edraw Max UI is exceptionally closely modeled on Microsoft Visio’s lace interface – so near in truth that it’s tough to recognize the distinction at, to begin with, look.

Microsoft Visio for Mac
EDraw max

Edraw bolsters excellent quality vector illustrations permitting you to form eye-catching diagrams. It reinforces VDX as well as VSDX records even though the sent outcomes aren’t continuously incredible and may include a few manual alterations depending on the complexity of the diagram. 

Although there are as it were around 200 layouts in Edraw Max, there’s sufficient therefor fundamental flowcharts, org charts, and brainstorming.

You can snap and interface shapes or objects easily, and there’s enough to form fundamental Visio diagrams. Overall, Edraw Max is a curiously alternative on the off chance that you need something that looks like Visio, works on your Mac desktop, but is impressively cheaper.

Eleggible’s Final Words

SmartDraw is challenging to defeat as a capable but distant less demanding to utilize elective to Visio for Mac.

Its been around longer than nearly any other diagramming computer program, and all that encounter, highlights, and client interface know-how have gone into SmartDraw Online Version (once SmartDraw Cloud) for Mac users.

Crucially, it’s the leading elective to Visio when it comes to bringing in and trading VSDX records. On the off chance that you’re getting to be working with Visio based clients or colleagues, you ought to unquestionably see no further.

If you’re still uncertain, which is the proper alternative for you, check out the Visio Alternatives for Mac choices underneath to see them head-to-head.

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