Why Are There So Many Reverse Phone Lookup Sites?

This topic can be answered on several levels. Because there are so many phone numbers – both cellular and landline – reverse phone lookup sites have become popular. Globally, there are currently over 5 billion individual registered phone numbers. When an individual receives a call from a number they are unsure of they may choose to utilize a reverse phone lookup site.

What is a Reverse Lookup?

Have you ever glanced at a phone number and had no idea who it belonged to? It happens to all of us. Consider the following scenarios. You check your caller ID and discover a missed call from an unknown number. Or perhaps you’re cleaning in your office and come across an old piece of paper with a number written on it. Whose phone number is it? 

A reverse phone lookup site will save you all the hassle in finding out who the unknown caller is. You can use reverse phone lookup sites to find phone numbers, the names linked to those numbers and even their home and office addresses. So, the next time you get an odd phone call, instead of immediately phoning back, look it up, check who it is, and then determine if it is someone you know or not.

Sites for a reverse phone lookup can do more than just identify unusual phone numbers and their owners. Consider the following scenario. You’ve seen a physician and they’ve referred you to a specialized doctor who can handle your problem. Sometimes, you might only be given a name and a phone number. With a reverse phone lookup site, you can easily locate the address of the specialist.

What can you do with the information from a reverse phone lookup site?

There are some extremely tight laws when it comes to background check and reverse phone lookup sites. These regulations come directly from the Fair Credit Reporting Act, so following them is in your best interest.

What precisely are these rules?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states explicitly that the information on these websites can not be utilized for specific purposes. Essentially, the information you acquire about a person cannot be utilized to make decisions regarding school admissions, housing, job, insurance, or consumer credit.

Furthermore, it should go without saying that reverse lookups should never be used for identity fraud, harassment, or any other illicit reason.

So, what can you do with a reverse lookup?

The short answer is you can use these reverse phone lookup services to fulfill your own curiosity. If you just want to see who is calling you from an unidentified mobile number, you should be fine.

What is the most accurate reverse phone lookup?

Using a People Search Service to Perform a Reverse Phone Lookup

Finally, just a few people search services provide up-to-date information on phone records. Some reverse phone lookup services on the internet are untrustworthy and you may wind up paying for useless information. This information will not be given to you for free by a reliable people search service.

You will most likely need to invest a few bucks to identify the caller of an unknown number. Nuwber, a people search website, does charge for this information but it will certainly be worth it. Nuwber will pull up the caller’s personal details but also show you a slew of other information, such as court filings or litigations.

It is also possible for you to find information about yourself that is available to the public and ask for it to be removed. This is significant because the majority of unwanted callers obtain your data from existing records.

Reverse Phone Lookup on Google

There are numerous websites that claim to be able to perform a Google reverse phone lookup. Sadly, they do not always work. To be fair, would you get an accurate result if you typed your own contact information into Google and searched for it? Try it for yourself and you’ll see why this approach is overrated. 

However, if the number is published online and has been crawled by Google, there are a few search tips that may help you get an accurate search result. 

Enter: “xxx-xxx-xxxx” in the search box, where the “x” represents the digits of the mobile phone you want to identify. Keep an eye out for the quotation marks. If you don’t get a result, remove the dashes and try again. This instructs Google to conduct a targeted search. If the number is owned by a company and is publicly available, you will almost certainly receive a hit. However, if it is a private mobile phone number, you are unlikely to find out who owns the number and must pursue other avenues.

How can I look up a phone number for free?


In America, this site receives over 37 million unique visitors monthly. WhitePages’ directory covers more than 150 million Americans. International phone numbers can also be looked up. Aside from the owner’s name, address and map, this site also provides an estimate of his or her age. It also provides similar data about their neighbors. You can also obtain background info on the phone’s owner for a service charge.


AnyWho is run by AT&T and relies on a collection of information from local telecom companies. Unlisted numbers cannot be searched but international numbers can. Name, address and map are provided, as well as additional information for a premium.


Addresses.com, which is owned by Intelius, provides name, address and location information, with additional information available for a surcharge. Addresses.com receives an estimated 11 million unique visitors per month in the United States.

Eleggible’s Final Words

A voice message inbox full of unknown callers can be quite annoying, especially when the majority of these unwarranted calls are the result of deceitful fraudsters. A reverse phone lookup service is a great way to find out who owns the phone number and possibly other useful information about the caller.

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