What is WordPress Hosting? Why It is Beneficial For a Business?

Do You Want to Run Your WordPress on WordPress Hosting? With so many people going online with their blogs or e-commerce sites, hosting has become quite a common term nowadays. You come across shared and dedicated hosting plans as well as VPS plans too. However, the need to create websites has led to a better alternative- WordPress.

Easy to handle and requires no prior knowledge of languages such as PHP, HTML, and so on, WordPress is a website builder to craft your page any way you like. However, when you are using, do you necessarily require WordPress hosting?

Well, the clear answer is NO! you do not require dedicated WordPress Hosting to host a WordPress site. However, if you are using WordPress hosting, you are making the right choice.

These are specialized kinds of hosting plans that are loaded to run WordPress sites. You can quickly run such a site on any hosting plan, but you get a ton of benefits and functionalities when you are running them through a WordPress site.

Introduction to Shared WordPress Hosting

When you are looking into the many WordPress hosting plans available, you will come across two options-

  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

The Shared WordPress Hosting plans are exactly what the name suggests- you will be given a server, but the server will be shared among several users. Resources will be allocated to you based on what you are paying; however, there may be unavailability of resources when you need it the most as some other user may be leeching on to them.  

A shared server, like any other shared server options, is a cheap WordPress hosting alternative. When you are trying a host for the first time, you are likely to get terrific discounts for the first cycle. However, from the second cycle onwards, you have to pay the normal higher rates, which are considerably much lower compared to other hosting plans.

Some of the shared plans for WordPress hosting in India are also available with one-click installation for WordPress. You cannot run a WordPress site if you do not have WordPress and this one-step installer is quite a useful setup. However, most such WordPress servers come with a one-click installer.

Shared WordPress servers are also regularly updated every week or bi-weekly. These regular updates are very crucial for the proper functioning of a WordPress site as it enhances the security levels of your site.

At times, the added plugins and the theme tools that you have on WordPress are also updated, giving you new features now and then. 

Introduction to Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is an upgraded version of a shared WordPress site hosting plan. This is very similar to a shared server plan with some extra features and upgrades. When you are using a managed WordPress server plan, you are technically going for a server that is managed by the hosting providers.

Managed plans cost higher than a shared site, but the benefits are a lot. When you are going for a managed server plan, there are a plethora of benefits that you immediately tap on to- 

  • Faster: When you are going for such an option, you are immediately choosing a set of better hardware options. If your hardware specifications are better, you immediately tap into better user experience and a faster working page. 
  • Higher Security: A great thing about a managed pan is that your security measures are boosted. You will get firewalls specific to a WordPress site, regular analysis for detection of malware programs and viruses, and so on with a managed plan. This makes managed plans one of the best WordPress hosting plans out there.
  • Staging Sites: A staging site is a place where you get a preview of the changes you have made to your WordPress site. When you are going for a managed plan, you easily get a staging site.

Shared or Managed WordPress Hosting- Which One Should You go for?

There is no direct answer to which plan you should be going for- shared or managed WordPress hosting. The choice depends upon how you are going to use your site in the coming time. Shared servers are much more inexpensive compared to a managed site, but a managed server comes with a plethora of benefits, including a higher level of security.

If you are just starting with your page, if you are a beginner, if you are low on funds at the moment, it is better if you start with a shared server plan. These plans will help you start the online journey and get you knowledgeable on how to handle the sites.

Once you get a basic understanding of the functioning of WordPress sites and hosts, you can upgrade yourself to a managed WordPress plan and go for the best WordPress hosting in India.

A managed plan is any day better than a shared pan in a lot of aspects. You will also get tremendous features with a managed site and an assurance of security, which is lacking in a shared server.

Thus if you are new to the game, you should start with a shared server. If you are a seasoned player and know what you are dealing with and have the funds to bear a managed server, then a managed server is what you should go for.

How is WordPress Hosting in an Ideal Choice?

Using a WordPress host to run your WordPress sites is a much better choice to make than simply going for any hosting plan. The WordPress sites are very low-maintenance and have very low requirements and thus can be run using any server hosting plan. However, that does not ensure that your site will be running well- smoothly and efficiently.

To ensure that your site is top-of-the-line, you should always consider a WordPress hosting service provider such as Wise Solution.

You get excellent service and a 24/7 customer support system with them. The plans that they provide are affordable and highly functional, and you get all kinds of additional functions such as themes, plugins, and high-end security.

When you are choosing Wise Solutions as your WordPress hosting partner, you are choosing a high speed, optimum solution to manage your sites.

When you are using their hosting plans, you are sure to get up to 99.9% uptime. Even the 0.1% downtime will be according to your convenience so as not to harm your site’s traffic!

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