Why You Should Switch to Dedicated Server in India?

After the advent of the Internet, the business world has changed completely. An impactful online presence has become a necessity. Your business will get never reach its full potential without it.

There are almost 1.74 billion live websites in the world today as of January 2020. Competition to get business and visitors on the world wide web is immense. You have to stand out if you want business growth.

A dedicated server in India will give your website that X-Factor. We will discuss the top 5 reasons justifying your switch to a dedicated server.

5 Reason to Switch Dedicated Server in India

You need a high performing, fast, secure, functional website. Shared hosting may prove sufficient when you start.

Here, you share a physical server with other websites. Shared hosting unable to manage higher traffic. You may opt for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the interim.

Finally, you will reach the stage. Where even VPS not able to provide you enough resources. Now, your business has grown so much. Now time to move to a dedicated server in India has arrived.

You have to upgrade just in time if your business has growth potential. In case of a delay, you may face significant loss due to wastage of opportunity.

1. Enhanced Protection Against all Types of Online Threats

As a website owner, you may collect sensitive visitor information. In some businesses, the online transaction happens. You have to protect your website against different threats. 

In shared hosting, you only get minimum protection. Service providers unable to offer regular updates. If some other site on the server gets infected, it can infect your site as well.

Google blacklists websites infected with malware. It can cause significant financial loss. Sometimes, hackers mount DDoS attacks that can make your site inoperable. 

Dedicated hosting offers you excellent protection against online threats with a pre-installed firewall and anti-virus software. They offer regular back up of your site. You can effortlessly restore the site to the previous version. Most service providers also offer excellent protection against DDoS attacks.

2. Manages High Traffic

You should consider moving to dedicated hosting if you get more than 1000 different visitors regularly. In shared hosting, with high traffic, your site will become very slow. It can cause financial loss.

You will get a physical server all to yourself. It will contain top-notch hardware and software. THE latest CPU, RAM, and storage capacity can handle any type of server load.

Dedicated hosting effortlessly manages varying traffic. A high volume of concurrent visitors can crash your site. You will avoid facing such a problem with dedicated hosting.

3. Faster Page Loading

Slow websites hurt online business. Many visitors just leave the site and go to someplace else.

Google ranks slow websites lower in search results. Dedicated hosting provides quick page loading time.

Dedicated hosting has powerful hardware. Modern CPU technology is capable of processing data at lightning speed. You will get a fast website by shifting to dedicated hosting that will help you with business growth. 

4. Ability to do Custom Programming

The shared hosting plan unable to offer you a platform to do custom programming. Dedicated hosting gives you complete freedom.

Here, you can select your hardware. You can choose the CPU, RAM, and storage capacity. You get the option to select the preferred operating system. Choose from various versions of Linux and Windows Operating System.

All these hardware and OS configurations give you a platform to do custom programming. You have complete control over the physical server.

5. Ability to Plan Future Expansion and Load Balancing

Many website owners observe fast growth. If you belong to such a privileged category, then you need to shift to dedicated hosting. You will need time to make your own informed decision.

First, you will have to choose an ideal service provider. In case you take such a decision hastily, it can cause you problems. Dedicated hosting is capable of managing future growth. 

Load balancing becomes a grave problem in shared hosting. Here, you are not getting enough server resources. You can effortlessly do workload balancing in dedicated hosting. 

Why Consider serverwala for Dedicated Server in India

There are many service providers available in the market today. The selection of a service provider is the most significant decision. You don’t have to look beyond Serverwala for getting the best-dedicated hosting in India.

We will see some of the salient features provides by Serverwala:

  • They provide high performance.
  • The server is capable of handling a high level of traffic.
  • They offer excellent protection against various online threats.
  • They have excellent 24*7 customer support.
  • You will get the highest level of control.
  • You can scale up your plan to handle any type of traffic.
  • They offer the best value for money in India.
  • They have the cheapest plans with very high performance.
  • You will get a wide range of hardware and software options.
  • They have a 100% uptime guarantee.

Serverwala offers you Linux and Windows Operating System. You will get excellent protection with firewalls and anti-virus software.

You will get attractive options like free domain name registration, 30 days money-back guarantee, etc. They have state of the art data centers all over India.

Serverwala has the latest server technology that is capable of managing 1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth. It can handle all your data transfer requirements.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Dedicated hosting in India offers web owners high performance. You need to Switch to Dedicated Server if your traffic increases. 

Dedicated hosting will provide you excellent growth opportunities. You will get protection against malicious software.

Dedicated hosting manages high traffic effortlessly by making your website faster. You get the ability to do custom programming. 

If you are planning any future expansion of your business, then dedicated hosting will offer you an ideal solution. You will effortlessly do load balancing.

Dedicated hosting is a way to go if you want business growth. Serverwala offers the best service in India with the cheapest high performing plans.

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