13 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android (100% Working)

The subtlety of ethical hacking and hacking WIFI networks is an essential part of learning. When you set foot in the hacking world, you notice that nearly the fundamental anything you have a desire to search for, it won’t be attainable without a better internet connection, Today we can discover ourselves adjoining by many WiFi Hacking Apps for Android.

These WiFi Hacking Apps for Android apps are available for other platforms. Before getting started, You should know an Android phone is remotely accessible to us. Here applications on the network or the network you have access to.

13 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android [2022 Edition]

A good internet connection is a must that needs every basic tutorial search on the net, and you will enter the world of hacking by using these WiFi Hacking Apps for Android.

1. Kali Linux Net Hunter

Open your computer and set up your Net Hunter image from scratch. It’s open-source. This wifi password hacking app is for Android is developed and founded by Kali Developer – Mati Aharoni, and now this is running by the offensive security PVT limited.

For nexus devices, it is a platform for testing the open-source android penetration. For the. Purpose of the hacking This is the most known Linux distro when it comes to the desktop. Above all, this is the first platform for testing android penetration.

This is an 802. Wireless injunction and this support with AP mode, which supported multiple USB WIFI cards. And such as the teensy device, this is maintained of the running of USB HID keyboard attacks.

The features are:

  • Capable of running USB HID Keyboard attacks
  • Supports BadUSB MITM attacks
  • USB Y-cable support in the Net hunter
  • Software Defined Radio support.
wifi hacker app android
Kali Linux NetHunter

2. Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester

You can find this WiFi Hacking Apps for Android in the first available device in the play store, and this is one of the most well-liked, approved, and popular WIFI hacking applications.

The purpose of this app was to scan the risk, which is found in the Wi-Fi networks. This app checks out the included in a local database for many Access Points through PINs where PINs are calculated with several algorithms.

wifi hacker app android

3. WPS connect

Similarly, this app is marvelous and provides the user with so much more. WPS is a wireless connection. This network security connection standard endeavors to connect a wireless device and a router that can support devices faster and easier.

In other words, This is the most outstanding. The networks which are easily at risk this app is targets those networks using some of the default PIN combos. If the user does not know, most of the routers are vulnerable and then there is a probability of you getting success as high.

Don’t try to hack any neighborhood WIFI to clarify this article is only for educational purposes. If the device is not rooted or you can root is not so severe, this app needs root access.

The features are:

  • Zhao
  • Belkin(root)
  • FTE-xxx
  • Dlink+1
  • Trend Net
  • D-Link
  • Asus
WPS Connect
WPS Connect

4. WIBR+

It is a Security network, which moves along and gains ground application for the testing of reliability. This would find the weak password, and this works also this application has bear brute force generators, customs dictionaries, and advanced monitoring. Moreover, this application can hold up two types of attacks first is a dictionary attack and a brute force attack.

It would depend on your WIFI, the style of the network. Upon your priority, you can choose a different type of option given as such lowercase, uppercase, and numbers and infect especial character which has been performing in another dictionary-based attack. The face down for this app WIBR+ takes time to crack the password, depending on your password strength.

The features are:

  • Simple and easy operation.
  • Realistic looking hacking animation.
  • WIFI signal improving the feature.
  • Password recovery feature.

5. Fing Network Tools

This makes you find out all the devices connected to your device, and this is a free network scanner. For additional protection and aristocratic security for your network, the user can get a Fingbox. This WiFi Hacking App for Android does demand root ingress to your android.

The analyst securities use all types of Hackers, and at all levels, this app finds the app is a profession, and this app is useful by work and ethical hackers for the network analysis.

The features are:

  • Service Scan: scanning to detect any available services.
  • Device Ping: check the device’s response time.
  • Wake-on-LAN
Fing Network Tool
Fing Network Tool

6. Arcai.com’s Net Cut

A user can use this application on your WIFI network because that lets you block the internet access to others. For the Windows platform, this app is excellent, and on the android platform also has launched it. Net cut for android is 1.7.6 and for windows 3.0 and MacOS X official site.

The net cut is the most useable, and the better net cut version is 3.0. It has been released on the outstanding platform. This application is there to save your device.

The features are:

  • Track who is using your WiFi network
  • Block if you see some Wrong activity
  • You have full control to Block anyone on your WiFi network.
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android
Arcai.com’s Net cut

7. Wi-Fi Kill

This application is very similar to an app Net cut. This is ethical wifi password hacking app for Android and net cut in windows OS. When you would Wi-Fi or a WPA network does not preserve by a strong password, this is extremely useful.

By just a few clicks, you can halt the Wi-Fi of the intruder. This is about to finish your Wi-Fi network connectivity. This can disconnect the internet connection, and this is a powerful network connection. By hacking into another WIFI, this works impressively, and this Wi-Fi network and disconnecting them.

The features are:

  • This is available on the play store, and this a user can use one app even better than dSploit. 
  • Ability to communicate with both 2.4 GHz devices and 5 GHz devices
  • Web Content/Application Filtering
  • Application Prioritization
  • Roaming
Wifi Kill
Wifi Kill

8. Network Spoofer

As being from a known source, spoofing is the act of camouflage communication. This can apply to phone calls and website, and emails or can be more technical. When a person tries to use a computer or network to connect with the other computer networks as in a legitimate body, Spoofing is a cyber-attack.

To hack a particular system, This can show you how difficult or easy it can be. This is not a type of piercing testing tool. After downloading, select on spoof, and you have to directly on the Wi-Fi network and then press start.

Their features are:

  • Adaptive Radio Management
  • Proper Security Means Using the Right Firewall
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android
Network spoofer

9. dSploit

Simone Margaritelli developed this wifi password hacking app, and this is an Android operation system, a penetration suite. Firstly, for performing the network security, this is consists of the several modules assessments on wireless networks.

For instance, mapping, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, Man-In-The-Middle attacks, and more this app can allow you to perform such tasks. They are some requirements for this application, and they are Android version 2.3.

That is to say, it must have an ARM CPU, and the Android device must be rooted. There are some modules which are provided on this app, and they are:

  • Inspector, 
  • Vulnerability
  • Finder,
  • Login Cracker, 
  • Port Scanner, 
  • Router PWN, 
  • Trace. Login cracker, 
  • Packet forgery, 
  • Session Hijacker, 
  • Simple sniff, 
  • Redirect to any particular URL to of the attacker’s choice,
  • Replace images the ones being view, 
  • Kill connections, Man in the middle.
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

10. Nmap

Gordon Lyon develops this app. This app is an open-source and free network scanner. The stable release of this app is 7.80 / 13 August 2019. Technically this app came before 12 months ago. Firstly, this is provided for all various operating systems; it is a network security scanner.

Secondly, this is an ethical hacking app used by an ethical hacker to find and exploit the problem. Further, it is a potent device; this is easy to use. Moreover, Nmap supports all the operating systems and tools. With this, this is a variety of available options. In addition, with the combinate Powerful.

The feature is:

  • It is open-source, so you get all the latest Updates fast free of cost.
  • Variety of options available.
  • WIFI WPA WPS Tester this app have been made.
  • Easy to use
  • It supports almost all devices
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

11. Wi-Fi Inspect

Firstly, to see the devices if they are connected to our network, this app helps find out that. Moreover, ethical hackers and computer security professionals have used this Wi-Fi inspect app. This is a multi-tool and with this device’s help, you can find the connect devices plus you can see there and the widgets you would be using.

This is not precisely the hacking app, but this is a security audit tool. With a check, the connected networks and the user can also block the other user who has been connected. You can get the complete list of the ser in few seconds.  In other words,

The features are:

  • Network Management System
  • High Capacity Load Balancing
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android
Wifi Inspect

12. Network Master

 To get the WIFI keys, network master is one of the WIFI password hack apps. Including feed and consumption, temperature, inventory, and water for quick reactions, network master gives daily status reports to operational needs, Subsequently, if the router has a WEP key, the user will get keys, and it will be wrong then.

The features are:

  • Indoor as well as Outdoor coverage options.
  • It also has the Ability to Measure Performance.
  • In addition, this has Network Access Control.
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android
Network Master

13. Air Crack

To obtain wireless passwords, air crack is a wifi hacking software for android that makes use of the new algorithms. This thought off, designed, and ported by Android Developers and Enthusiasts at XDA Developers based on Android and ubuntu. Therefore, they also need something in it, and they are the features of this tool.

Some features are:

  • Rooted Android Device, 
  • Computer with Ubuntu, 
  • USB OTG Adapter,
  •  Wireless USB Adapter, 
  • Time and patience, 
  • Common Sense.
WiFi Hacking Apps for Android
Air crack

Can I Hack the WIFI Password?

Firstly, to hack with the WEP security with routers are ways to secure your wireless connection, WEP is a type of tool used. Yes, the WIFI password can be hacked. Meanwhile, The few usual mistakes that occur are sung the default WIFI password. To hack the WIFI connection, the hacker would have to use the default password, not only this, but he also gains access to the connected devices.

Can I Hack Wi-Fi With a Rooted Phone?

Yes, with the rooted WIFI hacking is possible, and with this, WIFI hacking is done of free WIFI. The user who has uses smartphones and tablets and other devices the rooting is the only process of allowing these things to attain the privileged control of the super access running the android mobile operating system.

The WIFI network with rooted android the user can use or download the apps and the 13 apps with already mention before these are the apps that can hack the WIFI network. In addition, these applications have been work on the rooted android and download them in your rooted android.

Does Root Damage Your Phone?

 There is the risk of rooting but as well as the advantages too of rooting. You can complete control over the system that is rooting your phone or the user’s device, but with this, if you are careful, then that power can be misused. Android is made in such a way in which a limited user profile a way that it’s hard to break things.

On the other hand, sometimes if the user installs a wrong app, can trash things or making changes to system files. When you have root, the security model, which is in android, is also compromised.

In addition, to run amok, which allows the malware specifically looks for the root access to make sure a device has not been tampered with or compromised by hackers. There’s even an API called SafetyNet that apps. 

Should I Root My Phone? Can I Unroot My Phone After Rooting?

The root access on most devices is much more challenging. You’ve probably noticed gaining. Suppose you’ve been using Android for a while. Any Android device, there were exploits years back that could root, but that’s much less common now. How to fix issues with a command line, you probably shouldn’t dive into rooting if you’re not familiar with Android’s tools.

 Right from the start, android is still Linux, and power users were interested in gaining the root access to change new features and to the simple procedure on most devices, this was somewhat in the first few years of Android’s existence. So yes, sometimes the user can root the android phone with some safety guards.

Therefore, to run Windows as an administrator, root access on Android is akin. The operating system can make the changes as you have full access to the system directory. Like Magisk, you install management as part of rooting and these tools are basically to take care and protector of the root access on your phone. The root manager has to approve its use when an app requests root.

Do Wi-Fi Hacker Aapps Work?

These 13 apps as mentioned above and firstly, this article proved that yes, these tools or application does work. Secondly, you should know an Android phone is remotely accessible to us and here applications on the network or the network you have access to.

In addition, anyone can hack the WIFI network through these tools and hacking apps for android smartphones. Moreover, for fast internet WIFI is the best source of the internet and gives good reliability to a mobile network.

For instance, due to WIFI hackers apps android, wifi cracking android becomes more comfortable, and extra security challenge WIFI networks pose compared to the weird system as their signals are accessible by the public.

Eleggible’s Final Words

To sum up, we can conclude that these are the 13 applications for Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android For nexus devices. It is also a platform for testing open-source Android penetration and For the hacking, this is the most known Linux distro for the desktop.

Moreover, the second app has been mention in this article has defined that this app checks out the included in a local database for many Access Points, Arcai.com’s Net Cut On your WIFI network. However, a user can use these wifi password hacking app for Android because that lets you block internet access to others.

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