XSplit Vs OBS: Which is the Best Streaming Software in 2022

XSplit is an application that is a game streaming app where you can upload your videos by recording on your own and upload them to different video platforms.

You can record your videos, gaming footage, etc., and share them directly to different social networks YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, Instagram, etc.

obs vs xsplit

OBS is an Open Broadcaster Software, and it is free for streaming videos and recording programs by using OBS projects.

There are different versions available for OBS like macOS, Windows, Linux, etc., the transmission of data in OBS is done through RTMT, which is a Real-Time Messaging Protocol.

This is also an application where you can record your videos and share them directly to different social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitch, mixer, etc.

So this is what, called XSplit and OBS. Even though both are used to upload Streaming videos on different online platforms, it has slight variations.

Let’s see which is the best platform to record your videos and upload them to social networks, compared with those variations.

xsplit vs obs studio

Full Comparison of XSplit vs OBS:

Let’s see the difference between two popular streaming software like Xsplit vs OBS and uncover both the good and bad features of these platforms, and choose which is best based on the user’s comfort.

Before getting into the review of both streaming platforms. Let’s know why it’s very important to know which is best.

Because of the pandemic situation of covid-19, online streaming platforms are getting popular day by day, and also few people are doing this because of their hobby.

Few people are doing as professional in uploading their videos on different online platforms. So let’s compare price, features, performance, customizations, audio and video quality, ease-of-use, etc., and let’s get the best out of both, which is XSplit vs OBS.

xsplit vs obs

PriceXSplit is a great option, but it isn’t free and you need to pay a monthly fee for the license. Or else you can’t use this application. It is not an open-source application.When It comes to the OBS platform, you don’t need to pay any fee to subscribe to this platform. It is completely free to the users.
FeaturesBecause of XSplit’s paid license, it has different and useful features- it is a built-in green screen and attaches the ability to upload videos on multiple platforms. If you want to edit your videos, you can edit using xsplit.By comparing XSplit vs OBS, OBS has more plugins and customizations. It has a background recording feature. And you can record your game, videos only for the duration of 30 seconds. You can also recover the video that you recorded last 30 seconds by pressing Windows key + Alt + G.
PerformanceWhen it comes to performance, both are good, but XSplit has a lot of features. In nitpicking, XSplit uses 2 percent extra compared to OBS. It doesn’t support  60fps. The resolution level of XSplit is 720p.In OBC, only in low-end PC, it takes an extra 2 percent CPU, or else it is won’t. OBS performs better with 60fps whereas XSplit can’t.

The resolution level of OBS is 1152*658.

CustomizationsIn XSplit, it doesn’t support customization in a proper way; it creates issues for users.OBS has more customization, and it also supports plug-ins.
Audio/Video QualityIn XSplit, it has a video recording feature. When it comes to audio, it has .aac 96kbps mono, and in the video, it supports mp4 and Flv file format.OBS supports multiple files in the format of mp4, Flv, etc. It doesn’t come with its own video recording. You have to use a video editor.
Ease of UseXSplit is very easy to use compared to OBS. It has a direct function setup, and it has an in-built default program setup. So it is very comfortable for users who use it. It also enables an easy chat function. In XSplit, users don’t want to work with resolutions like tweak and some other platforms for best results.Even though OBS is a free platform compared to users, it is a bit complicated to use in the beginning. We have to put a lot of effort into these platforms to get started. And you have to install software for monitoring purposes additionally. The person who is using this for profession purpose they may face some difficulty while using it. There is another issue which it lacks while gaming (overlay).


Customer Support

In XSplit, it does not support proper plug-in. It creates issues for customers while using.

When it comes to plug-in

OBS supports more plug-in compared to XSplit. In OBS, there are a lot of options available for Plug-in. It is always under customer control. It doesn’t move out of customer control.

XSplit Vs OBS: And The Winner Is OBS

Is XSplit VCam Safe?


It’s safe.

If you are looking for a tool that could provide some robust streaming features, then Xsplit is the best option.

Although XSplit provides both streaming and video recording to the hard drive, its features work best for streaming. It also makes recording and streaming quite an easy task with minimum interference.

How Much RAM Is Needed For OBS?

While comparing XSplit vs OBS in RAM and CPU usage, that is, related to processing power, speed up your storage, and RAM amount.

So, if you have a spinning hard drive, replace it with an SSD — that alone will greatly boost the overall performance of your system, be it Windows, macOS, or Linux.

If you have under 16 gigabytes of RAM, increase your RAM if it is technically possible (our experience confirms that for any kind of video production in 2022, you need at least 32 Gb of RAM, and the more, the better: 16 Gb mean lags, freezes and crashes even in FullHD workflow).

However, If that does not help, check your CPU. If it is not directly upgradeable, consider replacing your computer with something that meets that minimal specification.

Is XSplit Broadcaster Free?

By comparing XSplit broadcaster vs OBS, XSplit broadcaster is free, but it is completely watermarked, and the resolution is 720p.

XSplit Gamecaster lets you easily stream and record your greatest gaming moments at the click of a button. It’s simple, easy to use, and perfect for sharing your gameplay with the world.

Can Streamlabs OBS Record?

If you are talking about the Mobile version of Streamlabs, you cannot record with that app. However, If you are on Windows, then you can do it in the following way:-

Launch Streamlabs OBS, and go to the cog (Settings) on the top right. Navigate to Output settings and configure your settings there; most important is the bitrate, quality, and destination. Exit out of Settings, and click on the REC button below. Then start recording whatever you wish.

Eleggible’s Final Words

When compared to both XSplit and OBS, both are good.

But after comparing both of these in terms of advantages, disadvantages, and features, we concluded that OBS is the best.


Xspilt indeed gave a tough competition as it has features like multi-stream setup, they provide support very quickly using Discord and even Twitter.

They also have a huge variety of pre-loaded plug-ins, which help them beat OBS but still, they could not make it to the 1st position.

But, OBS has the best features- it is zero budget, it has better video quality, and it supports different file formats for audio/video.

While comparing XSplit vs OBS, OBS seems to be the best choice.

Hoping this information helps you to choose the best streaming software.

You can share your thoughts and share your suggestions below.

Feel free to ask if you have any queries.

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