13 Best Private Browser Apps for Android & iOS

If you are looking for private browser apps that can help you hide your browser history and browser cache, then you have come to the best place. In this article, I have listed 13 best Private Browser Apps for both Android and iOS user.

These apps will give you privacy, and you can leave the browser without leaving any imprint, and there is the easy accessibility of the internet also.

Private browsing apps or the incognito apps are the best if you don’t want others to know your search history as it deletes all the browsing history as soon as you close the browsing app.

Top 13 Private Browser Apps for Android & iOS.

Here the 13 Best Private Browser Apps for Android & iOS.

1. Dolphin zero

This is one of the best private browsing apps for both android and iOS users as it clears the user interface. It is a mini browsing app that cannot track your browsing history.

Private Browser Apps
Dolphin zero

It is by default in does not track functionality. For a stranger chat app and another such website, this is the best app to use, and it allows you to excess the pages 3 times faster than other browsing apps.

2. DuckDuckGo

This is another amazing app for private browsing that hides your personal browsing history. It is not by default; it has an option that allows you to hide your search and browsing history.

Private Browser Apps

The unique feature of this app is that you can protect this app with touch id or face id. This also allows you to block an unnecessary ad that appears on the screen so that you do not get disturbed while surfing the net.

3. Secure Private Browser

This is a very simple and easy app that allows you to surf various websites while maintaining your privacy by hiding your search history.

Private Browser Apps
Secure Private Browser

It is an amazing app as it does not make any cache of the searches. Along with these, it has the option of the download your photos using 3D camera apps of your smartphone and also shares your files using sharing apps.

4. TorBrowse

This is a hidden browsing app for both android and iOS users. It also has a video and TOR support option. It clears all the browsing history and cache each time you close the app.

Private Browser Apps

This allows you to surf through the net anonymously after it blocks your IP—this app support all the popular search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing.

5. Maxthon

This app is a safe cloud app and is also fast as compared to other apps for both android and iOS users. It is available for mobile device user with the latest private mode; you can easily turn on the incognito mode on if you want to hide your search history.

Private Browser Apps

The best feature of this app is that it allows you to customize browsing speed and add your favorite website as a speed dial for better and easy use of the website. 

6. Ghostery Privacy Browser

This is another incredible app as it increases search privacy, speed, and protection. It is lightweight as it takes less space and a clean browsing app.

Private Browser Apps
Ghostery Privacy Browser

This app gives you an instinct overview of the website that you have just searched so that you can delete it from the search history if it is inappropriate, and you do not want others to know about it. It easily clears your cookies, cache, and granular history also.

7. Fulldrive Browser

This is an easy and advanced app that has the option of ad blocking, fast downloading option, and advanced privacy option. It can be easily used by all android and iOS users.

Private Browser Apps
Fulldrive Browser

The best feature of this app is that you can also earn money, bitcoins while using this browser. It also has an option that gives you an alert notification if you visited any malicious website.

8. Firefox

This is a well known and popular browsing app that gives you privacy. This is a free app and an open browsing app. This is a fast, easy to use app that also gives privacy while you surf the net.

Private Browser Apps

In this, you just have to turn on the private browsing mode to browse securely and browse without leaving any search history or cache behind. The best feature of this app is you can sync your history with after you log in with your Mozilla account.

9. Google Chrome

This is one of the most popular apps for browsing because of its fats browsing mode, and you can use more than one tab at a single time.

Private Browser Apps
Google Chrome

If you open the incognito mode of this app, this will give you privacy as it erases all the search history as soon as you close the app.

In this, you can easily convert voice to text so that it can be searched easily and faster, and it also has a translation option so that you can browse through pages of different languages.

10. Private Browsing Web Browser

This is a popular browsing app developed by Savy Soda for both android and iOS users. It allows you to browse unlimited internet while maintaining your privacy.

Private Browser Apps
Private Browsing Web Browser

It has an amazing proprietary compression algorithm that helps you to use web data and with fewer data easily. It also has adobe flash, which helps you stream online videos and movies. The best feature is that it provides a virtual trackpad and gamepad option to play games.

11. Webroot Secure Web Browser

This is a secure app that can be used free. It allows you to search, browse, and open different websites easily.

This has a multi-tab option; it has an amazing algorithm that blocks malicious web sites and helps you to use secure websites. 

12. Aloha

This is a private, free, and full-featured app for browsing and provides maximum privacy.

Private Browser Apps

It can easily block all the unnecessary ads and has a feature of providing free VPN service, which helps you secure your privacy.

It has inbuilt players, which allows you to play videos and music in the background.

13. Omigo

It has all the incredible features like fast and private browsing option, incognito option, ad blocking system.

Private Browser Apps

Its adblocker feature is better than the rest of the apps. It is an Indian version and has been rated with 4.4 stars in the play store.

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the apps mentioned above are incredible and have the best features that Private Browsing Apps should have like fast browsing speed, advanced privacy options, adblocker, and so on.

The links of the apps are given below each app, making it easy for the reader to download the app and give it a try. I hope this article was a help.

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