14 Of The Best DJ Software For Mac In 2022 [Free & Paid]

Almost every DJ software company offers software for Mac as well as Windows. The majority of the best DJ software for Windows has now become accessible for Mac. As a result, locating the finest DJ software must be simple.

However, with this many alternatives available, exploring this marketplace may be difficult. As a result, in this post, we’ll provide you with a selection of the best DJ software for Mac that you can download. 

There are a plethora of programs available that somewhat provide the same functions and features. Whenever selecting the ideal software be certain that it is apt. for your skill level as well as the type of music you intend to create.

Before you buy it, ensure that it’s compliant with the equipment. Along with the capacity to track, mix several turntables, and create unique tracks. These are the most vital functions of the finest DJ software. 

14 Latest Music Software For Mac In 2022

Choosing the best DJ software for Mac isn’t always straightforward. But it’s well worth the time and effort because it can make all the difference. We’ve attempted to make the selection process as simple as possible for you.

We’ve broken everything down into easy-to-understand parts. So, here is a hand-picked list of the best paid and free best DJ software for Mac.

#1 Ableton Live

Ableton Live best dj software mac
Ableton Live

Download Link –  https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/categories/downloads/

Starting with the software, which is excellent for DJing. Although it is a DAW program. Ableton Live comes with several special features that make it ideal for live performance.

This best DJ software for Mac is extremely flexible and enticing; users may use it for anything. This is an excellent choice for live DJing, demo mixing, and playing live shows. You may even create your tunes, remixes, and mashups. 

Unlike conventional DJ software, which has a two-deck structure, Live offers a default session interface. Comping, linked-music editing, and an MPE-successful controller are all included. Warping is one of Live’s most powerful features. Ableton is quite intuitive owing to the various functions required for crafting a DJ mix. 


Artists can use the Session interface to create real-time samples, loops, drum patterns. It allows you to control them by changing their settings or adding effects to them.

As with any DJ performance software, you may connect to a controller. Resulting in extra expressionistic instrumental renditions.

Ableton is the only program worth considering for making a mashup since its audio warping feature. This feature is ideal for layering and manipulating sounds.

Ableton Live also allows you to create whole DJ mixes, making it an excellent software for generating your edits, remixes, and creations.

Even the most basic DJ edits may be made using simple audio editing and sound treatment. It can help you customize your DJ performances and stand out.

This lets in for easy Key Mapping.


There are three Ableton Live versions to choose from. The trial edition of Live eleven Suite includes all the features of the full software, including archiving and exporting. It offers a free 90-day trial so you can get started right away.

#2 Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro best dj software mac
Serato DJ Pro

Download Link – https://serato.com/dj/pro/downloads

DJs with more experience. Those in need of software to assist them to boost their performance. Serato DJ Pro for Mac is the best DJ software for computers. This is the most widely used DJ software. It is recognized for providing all the performing features you’ll need to DJ.

It works with a wide range of devices. Serato DJ Pro relies on the clean interface by enabling apple users who want the most from their digital mac DJing software to remix songs and add expansion packs.

Its appeal among experienced DJs arises from the fact that it is stable. Professional capabilities including recording, strong effects, Key Detection, sophisticated Sampler, Midi Mapping, and more are available with Serato DJ Pro. 


Unlimited sounds and samples from some of your top producers are accessible.

If you need assistance, the service team is made up of DJs who are experts in this software.

Serato DJ Pro is functional with a lot of hardware that has been approved by Serato. This avoids the need for clumsy MIDI mapping or Audio Routing to get the program to operate.

There is a Practice Mode in Serato. Without any gear attached to the device, you can mix using two decks, a crossfader, tempo controls, prompts, and your entire library.

Serato DJ Pro has a lot of unique dj tools, such as key analysis, cue points, and a recording option, that make DJing a lot simpler.

Serato’s diverse gear allows DJs of many styles to learn and develop with equal ease.


Serato DJ Pro is paid software. If you want to get a look at the program, you may try it for free. DJs may use Serato DJ Pro and the packs with a less initial cost thanks to the subscription plans.

#3 djay Pro

djay Pro best dj software mac
djay Pro

Download Link – https://www.algoriddim.com/djay-pro-windows/download

The djay Pro is DJ software for both beginners and professionals. Its distinctive, modern UI is designed to work in sync with your music library, allowing you rapid accessibility to a lot of songs. DJs can play and separate beats, synths, and vocals of just about any track in real-time.

By using Algoriddim’s breakthrough Neural MixTM technology. Provides excellent quality sound as well as quicker machine learning ability. It boasts a strong four-deck view that allows DJs to concurrently play, mix, and sync up to four tracks.

It may be enhanced with additional features that would likely appeal to casual party DJs. These are flexible to import tunes straight from dj software Spotify


High-quality waveforms, four decks, audio effects, visual mixing, and hardware integration are just a few of the features.

About 50 DJ Controllers and DJ Mixers are officially supported by DJ software.

You may use MIDI control to connect one of the many compatible devices.

The Looper & Sequencer, which initially debuted on the iOS version, is now available on the Mac as well.

In addition, djay Pro features its new Automix AI tool, which smartly selects and combines track compilations.

You may use the built-in Sampler section to generate samples on the fly. Even selecting from bundled sounds, creating your own, or sampling straight from any deck.


In any case, the Pro edition is reasonably priced. The Mac App Store offers a free download of djay Pro AI, which is suitable with any Mac operating macOS 10.14.

#4 Numark Party Mix

Numark Party Mix best dj software mac
Numark Party Mix

Download Link – https://www.numark.com/product/party-mix

The Numark Party Mix is the ideal DJ System for amateur artists looking for a cheap and sturdy controller. This is another best DJ controller software combo. It’s a Virtual DJ two-channel DJ controller.

It has all of the basic DJ functions, such as a crossfader, jog wheels, and pitch faders. You may organize your music by utilizing iTunes playlists, or you could just make mixes by putting in your amazing music tracks.

Serato DJ Lite is included with the DJ program for Mac, and it is quite intuitive and user-friendly, so you should be able to pick it up fast. It has an integrated audio interface, so you’ll have all the connectors you need to deliver your music blend to the speakers.


Manual looping is available, and the light display makes it suitable for clubbers. This software offers a lot of features that will help you become a professional DJ. 

Each deck includes four cue locations and pads for conveniently accessible effects. Using your automatic loop routines, you may use the Pad Modes to locate and build loops.

You can utilize your samples to access sounds and drums or add your own, and you can quickly apply effects to your music by flicking through this and finding your sampler.

You have total control over how you mix, merge, loop, add effects, and sample using Party Mix.

It has audio outputs for your sound systems as well as a preview for your headset.


The Numark Party Mix comes with a variety of cheap consoles that are jam-packed with capabilities. Party Mix is a software app that you may get.

#5 Mixxx

Mixxx best dj software mac

Download Link – https://www.filehorse.com/download-mixxx/

Mixxx is a free, fully accessible free DJ software for Mac that runs on Mac OS X devices. So, if you’re a beginning DJ with a limited budget for software. Similarly, for an experienced DJ who wants to mix on the move, this program is for you.

It was created by a group of dedicated DJs and developers, and a new version of Mixxx was released. In terms of features and general experience, this one is far superior. Integrated mapping for DJ controller devices may be used to control Mixxx’s functions directly.

Mixxx may assist with any mixing style or technique. Any mixing method or technique may be supported by Mixxx. Modify your processes and add support for any MIDI device as well. It can simultaneously play four audio decks. You may also import all of your iTunes playlists and songs right now. The track decks provide access to loops, cue points, tempo, key, sync, and a quick effect knob.


The program can recognize the key of the song, based on the musical key recognition. You can simply combine tracks with comparable keys by assisting DJs in selecting an appropriate tune to mix next.

For smooth mixing, use master sync to match the pace and beats of four tracks.

Mixxx supports MIDI DJ controllers as well as a variety of HID controllers, giving you complete hardware control over your DJ mixes.

Mixxx software lets you record sets directly on your HDD in many audio formats with customizable EQ shelving, timecode vinyl control, recording, and Shoutcast streaming thanks to its strong mixing engines.


It is free to download because it is an open-source, community-driven DJ software.

#6 VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ best dj software mac

Download Link – https://www.virtualdj.com/download/

VirtualDJ is suitable for novices as well as experienced DJs. It has a simple interface with functionalities you’d expect from current DJ software. With Virtual DJ for macOS, users may combine the tunes’ elements on a real-time basis. It’s functional even without DJ equipment, and it’s a lot cleaner and quicker.

More DJ controls and gear are supported by VirtualDJ. It ranges from simple to complex club mixers. You may delete or separate portions of a song using real-time stem separation on any track.

This program will always supply you with the best features, allowing you to blend better. It also has a user-friendly mapping UI and midi-learn functions for modification and tuning.


Because of its superior smart DJ specs and design, VirtualDJ is simple to get into and comprehend.

The application supports more devices and synthesizers than any other. It will work with any controller that has midi buttons.

ModernEQ, as well as Stem’s performance pads for quick stem isolations, are utilized to smooth various parts of the song.

The stem separation allows DJs to change elements of their mixes on the go to create a new mix, edits, and transitions.

The powerful built-in mapper enables maximum versatility, automatic detection and setup are available. It allows for a more efficient process.

Fast navigation, smart categories, collections, and other features make it simple to manage your music collection.


VirtualDJ is available for free download for Mac devices. Because the basic version is free, it’s an excellent place to start for any budding DJ. Unfortunately, this free plan prevents the usage of USB and MIDI controllers.

#7 MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker dj programs for macs
MAGIX Music Maker

Download Link – https://magix-music-maker.en.softonic.com/

Magix Music Maker for macOS is a complete Djing software for beginners. Particularly for those who are just getting started. This is a really basic tool that gives you a selection of beats, melodies, singers, and recordings to mix and combine.

Because it has a simple user interface, it is fairly simple to use. To play with, you’re offered a range of tools, instruments, and effects. This software makes it simple to use tracks from your iTunes music collection or music saved on your PC.

Whether you just want to play music, remix it, or scratch it, this program can do it all without any additional gear. This software will make you feel like that you have a fully equipped studio.

With the possibility to use a free mixer and pro effects to compose compositions in Music Maker. It allows you to play with a wide range of software instruments that you may incorporate into your songs.


This application provides a wide collection of high-quality sounds and loops created by well-known musicians.

Because it alters the pitch and pace, it does not require any prior knowledge.

There are 200 patterns to choose from, as well as Song Maker AI, which employs artificial intelligence to assist you in creating beats.

You can connect an instrument, record your audio, and import sounds in many different formats.

Provides plug-ins for achieving a high-quality studio sound on your recordings.


There are three different editions of this software. Magix Music Maker Free covers the bulk of the capabilities. Only PLUS + PREMIUM has the additional functions. It’s also a lot cheaper than competing music-making software.

 #8 Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro free dj software for mac
Traktor Pro

Download Link – https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/traktor/dj-software/traktor-pro-3/demo-and-downloads/

The Traktor Pro is a Pro 4-DECK DJ Software program next. The best online DJ software for Mac is this one. It’s dependable, and a real treat to use because of its simple UI. This is a club-ready combined free online best DJ mixer software with Premium four-deck DJ software. It offers a configurable UI as well as sophisticated creative software for DJing.

DJs of various genres and skillsets may benefit from studio-quality EQs and filters, as well as adjustable effects, automated beat-matching, and basic control capabilities.

TRAKTOR PRO may be tailored to match your requirements, whether you’re a serious experimenter or just want to perform some of your favorite music. The Remix Deck is the most sophisticated form of technology. The Remix Decks allow you to effortlessly blend the realms of DJing and live performance.


Traktor Pro for Mac is software that allows you to create music on your mix that will be played on up to four decks. 

With updated time-stretching and a better limiter, you’ll have professional-grade audio. You may also combine genres and BPMs. You can rapidly beat-match your music with the Sync button. 

Over 40 accessible, high-quality effects may be applied to your music. You may use it to add ambient effects, samples, and more. It enables DJs to scratch with whatever soundcard, allowing DVS DJs who utilize timecode vinyl to use any soundcard they choose. 

Traktor Pro has strong drops and seamless transitions to add flair to your tunes, as well as the ability to employ an external USB or MIDI mixing console.


It’s a well-known and well-liked DJ mixing program for Mac OS. It is accessible through a variety of sources, and after a 1-month trial period, you must pay to get a license.

#9 ION Discover DJ

ION Discover DJ mac djing software
ION Discover DJ

Download Link – https://www.ionaudio.com/discover%20dj-bicue3

The ION Discover DJ is yet another best DJ software for Mac. It’s designed to closely resemble the 2-decks-plus-a-mixer setup arrangement preferred by experienced DJs.

Each channel has amplitude and basic EQ settings, in addition to a DJ-style mixer control. The integrated MixVibes Cross DJ LE is simple to use.

MixVibes Cross LE examines the music library to determine the pace of each track. 2 big function discs are used, as well as a middle mixing section with a crossfader and buttons.

You may scrape and combine your music, including songs from your music collection. There’s also an automatic beat-matching feature on the smartphone. This eliminates one of the most challenging aspects of DJing.


The sync key aligns the beat of your music, resulting in flawless mixes every time. It allows you to combine music that is identical and paces together.

The MixVibes Cross LE DJ software comes with a plethora of useful features, including 14 audio effects and eight hot cues per track.

Advanced DJ functions, such as pitching music up and down, are available in Discover DJ. It helps you to match the beats per minute of recordings and create smooth blends.

The DJ controller is compact, and it connects to your hardware component through USB. It supports a broad variety of audio files.

The scratch wheels are simple and responsive and they optimize their size, enabling scratching with them.

Crossfader allows you to mix between music and includes the option to tempo match the next song.


This software is included with the controller, which must be purchased separately but is quite affordable.

#10 PCDJ DEX 3

PCDJ DEX 3 online dj mixer free

Download Link – https://www.pcdj.com/dj-software/free-trials/dex-3-free-trial/

If you’re looking for the professional best DJ software for Mac that allows you to go well beyond ordinary DJing, look no further. Then have a look at the next software.

DEX 3 PCDJ Is the most flexible all-in-one virtual DJ software in the market. and it’s ideal for a multifunctional musician. It’s an efficient program that permits you to mashup music and films to create stunning outcomes.

The application’s user interface is simple and easy to use. It has all the basic functions, such as four-deck mixing, excellent effects, and cue points. It also has completely automated and manual mixing features, making it a wonderful choice for both sorts of musicians.


More than 100 DJ instruments are recognized by PCDJ Dex, offering you a wide choice of options.

DEX 3 has an audio “effects grid” that makes it accessible for you to use Echo, Delay, Reverb, and many more to further enrich your compositions.

Its newest features, such as key locking, smart loop, beat synchronization, filters, and other unique effects, make it more appealing. Import the iTunes playlist and mix it in with the same zeal in the projects.

Using only a hardware device, DEX 3 lets you build mixtures using your audio and video libraries, as well as iTunes.

DEX 3 is a program to mix music, watch music videos, and organize karaoke with ease.


DEX is available now for purchasing and installation, with free updates, or you can try the packed free DJ software sample.

#11 Deckadance

Deckadance music software for mac

Download Link – https://deckadance.en.uptodown.com/windows

Deckadance is a multi-purpose audio DJ mixing software for Mac that can handle a wide range of sound managerial roles. It supports the often used audio file types. This software can be used as a tool or plug-in for complex mixing. 

The program’s UI is a little complicated, therefore it’s not for amateurs. Two virtual decks are at the heart of the program.

Navigating through the deck is simple thanks to the up to eight smart panels that incorporate all of these features. This one DJ mixing program comes with a large number of sound effects.


You may use the application with two or four decks and different files.

CD players, MIDI controllers, and time-coded vinyl may all be used to control this software.

To adjust the sound pitch or track tempo changes, it offers an automated crossfade and beat-matching feature.

Deckadance features a playlist function that takes an endless number of songs and can combine them seamlessly.

In addition, the program includes a wide library of MIDI grooves and sound samples. In addition, there are more than 500 loops available for download separately.

Deckadance may be used in audio studios as a VSTi plug-in, but it can also support the VST effect by itself.


This is a paid software that has two editions but one can start with its demo version.

#12 Hercules DJControl Compact

Hercules DJControl Compact dj software for computer
Hercules DJControl Compact

Download Link – https://support.hercules.com/en/product/djcontrolcompact-en/

Although the Hercules DJControl Compact is inexpensive, small, and light, it still delivers a powerful output. This is a little DJ console that includes DJUICED 18 DJ software so that you get not only a good controller but also some of the greatest DJ software for Mac.

Beginners and even professional DJs will benefit from the equipment. Several factors qualify it to be included among the finest DJ software for macOS. The Hercules DJ USB Controller will greatly simplify your life. The combination assures that you’ll be able to install up and bring your gear to the club with minimal difficulty.

You may personalize your audio with filters and loops. Then save the completed result to your laptop using the program. The best thing is that with buying this controller, the software is entirely free and fully working. It has some good features that enable it to compete with much more expensive counterparts.


The jog wheel can be used to regulate the track’s playing speed, and it works by the computer to flawlessly recreate the sound of a vinyl record.

The DJControl Compact has a 2 deck control panel with the mixing buttons in the middle. This enables you to mix two tracks at the same time.

For each of the dual decks, there are four pads. You have the option of saving the mixes as audio files as well.

Filters, automated synchronization, and the option to choose your pitch are all included in the DJ program.

Loop, Samples, Cue, and FX are among the deck’s four modes. There’s nothing you can’t do with this USB controller.


In general, this is a highly cost-effective alternative to professional software. With the premium controller set, the software is free. It has less functionality than the majority of pricey DJ software.

#13 Mixvibes Cross

Mixvibes Cross
Mixvibes Cross

Download Link – https://www.mixvibes.com/cross-free-dj-software

Mixvibes’ Cross DJ is an intro to quality best DJ software for Mac. This is perfect for beginners because the control area is considerably smaller. As a result, it provides the most user-friendly digital DJ experience.

The DJ program is available in three different versions. The first is Cross DJ Free, a restricted edition that gives you complete control over the key of your tracks using Key detection and Key matching. The free version, however, does not allow you to record and does not provide you access to MIDI controllers.

With some 80+ accessible controllers, Mixvibes Cross, a fantastic MIDI DJ Software for Mac makes it workable to integrate DJ hardware and software components as one system. This premium version has a highly customized UI as well as a new Cover View collection that makes it simpler to find your tunes.


Cross DJ 4 Pro uses a strong BPM recognition technology to discover and sync the BPM of your music. For music with uneven BPM, you may also alter the beat grid.

Snap, Quantize, and Slip modes are among the other functions included in the complete edition. There are several mixing choices, effects, recording, and video sampling slots to choose from.

You may use Soundcloud Go+ to mix songs. For a genuinely improved DJ performance, you may upload large numbers of music to your library here.

You can quickly find music of all types. Artists and seasoned sound designers have prepared an elevated sample and loop library for Remixlive.

It features 8 pad-based samplers, a full 4-channel mixer, and 15 effects, and it works with any soundcard and mixer.

It allows you to connect your device to Ableton Link directly.


The price of this DJ software is reasonable. You may start with Cross DJ Free and upgrade to Cross DJ 4 later for additional features.

#14 Image Line FL Studio 12

Image Line FL Studio 12
Image Line FL Studio 12

Download Link – https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-download/

FL Studio is a well-known digital audio editor that is available in four distinct editions for macOS. This is an advanced software suite for music creation. FL Studio has emerged as the main audio editing program, used by creative people all over the world.

This software has all the functionality you’ll need to compose, edit, master, mix, and record high-quality music. All plugins are enabled, and users can output project audio to WAV, MIDI, or MP3.

The user-friendly interface of their native plugins makes it one of the best options for beginners. FL Studio is available in a variety of versions with varying levels of capabilities. 


Graphics in FL Studio 12 are clearer, smoother which not only seem better but also serve a broader function.

FL Studio is compatible with all VST. VST provides access to the most extensive collection of third-party plugins currently available.

Multitouch is being provided, that’s handier than single touch. Notably, once users come to the mixing and just want to change the levels on many faders at the same time.

Enhanced mixer routing, a scalable mixing board, and six distinct mixer layouts are among the mixer advancements.

A large library with well-selected samples, loops, and preset bundles.

The browser function provides access to a variety of audio clips, instruments for creating or editing music.

It supports pitch-shifting audio editing and has a track count of 500.

The Producer edition includes 80 plug-ins.


If anyone purchased a prior version of Producer, they will be able to update for free to 12 Producer. All of this comes with a one-time cost and future free upgrades. There is a sample version available for new users to try.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We hope that now that you have read this far, you have a better idea of which DJ software for Mac is best for you. Even If you’re having trouble deciding which DJ software to use for music creation, test out a few for free before making a decision.

Allow yourself the opportunity to reflect on the many software options. Determine which one best meets your requirements. Begin your djing career as free-flowing as possible. Once you’ve mastered the beginner levels, you’ll be able to graduate to more complicated professional versions.

With that said, we hope you were able to select software from our list of best DJ software for Mac that will help you advance as a DJ. If you have any comments or queries, share them with us.

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