How to Broadcast on Steam (Step-By-Step Guide)

Many people believe that platforms like Twitch or YouTube are the only platforms that are worth streaming on. But in reality, there are so many platforms that you can stream on.

There are so many platforms that generate so much attention from the audiences.

Similarly, as there are alternative platforms to stream on, there are similar alternative tools to stream your gameplay.

So, this is when Steam Broadcasting comes into the picture.

Steam Broadcasting is a built-in feature in Steam that allows you to stream your gameplay directly without using any extra software.

Do you know what Broadcast on Steam means? Well, if not, this article will surely help you.

So basically, steam broadcasts help one to watch their friends play their favorite games.

Thus, if you are watching someone play their favorite games, then it is Steam Broadcast, and if you want people to watch you play your favorite game, you have to set up broadcasting.

If you set up broadcasting, then you are allowing people to watch you play.

How Does Steam Broadcasting Work?

Steam Broadcasting uses the steam client to record, encode and broadcast one’s gameplay live over the internet.

Advantages of Steam Broadcasting

  • Steam has a built-in feature system for helping the user find viewers.
  • The people who can be interested in the game you are playing currently can be found easily.
  • When you steam while playing your favorite game, you will feature on the community page of that game.
  • Steam has a huge number of viewers online at any period, making it easy to find viewers.

How To Set Up Steam Broadcast?

To set up the Steam Broadcast:

Step 1: Click on Steam

Step 2: Go to Settings

Steam settings how to broadcast on steam

Step 3: Select Broadcasting From the left side of the menu.

Steam settings broadcast how to broadcast on steam

Step 4: Click on Privacy Setting, which is the first dropbox label à Broadcasting disabled (not selected)

Steam privacy settings how to broadcast on steam

Step 5: Make sure the broadcasting disabled is off; otherwise, you will not be able to stream the broadcast and instead of broadcasting disabled select à anyone can watch my game option.

This will ensure that anyone can watch your stream.

You get a huge number of the audience joins your stream.

#Step 6: Lastly, click on the OK button, now you have successfully set up the steam broadcast.

How To Broadcast On Steam?

To broadcast gameplay :

Step 1: Choose the sport you need to expose off.

Step 2: Once you’ve begun out the sport, click Shift + Tab to convey up the Steam overlay.

This is a short and smooth manner to modify settings and activate your microphone.

Steam overlay

Step 3: Once you’ve taken care of your settings, click OK and hit escape to go back to the sport. Your sport ought to now be broadcasting.

If it isn’t, you’ll see a be aware withinside the top-proper nook with a pink circle and the contemporary quantity of visitors.

If you turn far from your sport to some other window, Steam will show a placeholder image till you come back to the sport.

The purpose for that is that Steam, via way of means of default, most effective streams the sport you’re presently playing.

If you would love to extrude this, you could accomplish that from the settings menu.

Just preserve in thoughts. This indicates visitors could be capable of seeing any data on any window you’ve got open.

What Is Recorded And Included In My Broadcast?


By default, Steam will simplest broadcast video recorded from the sport you’re playing.

If you turn to any other application or your computer’s computer and Steam cannot report video from the sport you’re playing while it isn’t active/in focus, visitors will see a placeholder photograph till Steam can once more report video out of your sport.

You can optionally permit recording video of packages outdoor of your sport via the Steam Client settings menu.

Please recollect that your broadcast visitors may be capable of seeing any open home windows while enabled.


By default, Steam will report audio from the sport you’re presently playing.

You can permit recording a microphone or all audio performed via your computer’s default output tool via the Steam Client Settings.

Limitations Of Steam Broadcasting

  • Even though you get the viewers very easily, if you do not entertain them with humor, wit, or say your game skill, the number of viewers will drop.
  • Steam provides a huge range of features to its users, but it still lacks customization.
  • Steam does not give its users the freedom to create custom overlays or have custom effects on Steam.
  • Another drawback is that you cannot save the gameplay.
  • Thus, if you want to upload the gameplay on any other platform, it is impossible.

Troubleshooting Your Broadcast Errors

Method 1: Sometimes you might run into different errors, and there are different reasons why you run into them.

Even though Steam provides a list of things you can do to solve these errors, the easiest thing is to restart the Steam.

So, you can shut down the software and restart it and restore the stream without any trouble.

Step 1: Steam à Settings à Broadcasting à Click on the “Broadcast Status” option is another thing that can be done.

Steam broadcasting status steam how to start broadcast

Step 2: After clicking on the option, it opens a window of your Steam and starts streaming-game.

Step 3: Reinstall Steam

Steam reinstall

Step 4: The Steam installer may be downloaded here and reinstalled to the equal vicinity in which its miles are already established.

Step 5: This will ensure that each document required to use the Steam overlay is in an excellent kingdom.

This method will don’t have any impact on your established video games.

Step 6: Uninstalling Steam will delete all sports content.

Steam Install

Step 7: Refresh Local Network Hardware

This consists of restarting all modems & routers. Network hardware can get into a gradual or damaged kingdom after strolling for an extended time.

This can reason broadcast requests to take longer than normal or to timeout completely.

Suppose you’re using a wi-fi community connection.

In that case, you may need to pass this with an immediate Ethernet connection among your system and community hardware.

Method 2: Test Online Connection

Some Internet vendors cache or compress online facts to keep bandwidth (specifically mobile phone networks).

This can reason problems with Steam.

It is a great concept to check the problem to connect to a wholly distinct community, ideally from a distinct carrier provider.

Method 3: Investigate Firewalls

Check Firewall

Certain firewalls can also additionally save you Steam functions like Broadcasting from speakme to servers.

You’ll need to paint with a tech help professional to ensure that the Firewall isn’t always interfering.

You can also add even want to briefly disable it for trying out functions or upload exceptions for your firewalls for Steam.

Method 4: Investigate Anti-Virus Software

Check antivirus

AV software program hooks very deep into consumer structures.

It may affect disk and community operations which can also additionally reason problems with Steam.

Some video games additionally use the reproduction safety era that could seem like a malicious software program to an AV scanner, ensuring the capability of false-high-quality alerts.

You’ll need to paint with a tech help professional to ensure that your AV software program isn’t always interfering with any Steam functionality.

You can also add even want to disable it for trying out functions briefly.

It can also be vital to feature exceptions for Steam to your AV configuration,

Method 5: Investigate Other Programs & Services

Any software program that modifies or video displays units machine, disk, or community pastime can reason problems at the same time as downloading or strolling a sport.

These applications and offerings can run withinside the history and are commonly related to software programs like Anti-Virus, ad-blockers, web-optimizers, firewalls, machine cleaners, recording software programs, proxies, overall performance boosters, etc.

You’ll need to paint with a tech help professional to ensure that those offerings & applications aren’t interfering with Steam.

You can also add even want to disable them for trying out functions briefly.

How Do I Watch A Friend’s Broadcast On Steam?

What are the browser requirements for watching Steam?

  • You can use either of the given browsers to watch a steam broadcast:
  • Google Chrome (version 39+)
  • Apple Safari (version 8+ on OSX)
  • Steam Client
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 on Windows 8; not supported on other versions of Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 42+)

Eleggible’s Final Words

If you want to show off your new game or show your newly developed skills for playing games, or even if you want to build your name in the streaming world, Steam Broadcast is the way to go.

You can start your steam broadcast with minimal equipment and slowly upgrade.

Do let us know in the comments if you now know how to steam broadcast or start your steam broadcast.

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