15+ Best No Wifi Games to Play [2022 Edition]

No wifi games that mean games that don’t require wifi. In 2021, games help us spend our spare time when we are too bored at home and when, unfortunately, we can’t step out of our homes to have some chill, without any doubt.

But, sadly, even most of those games do require an active and high-speed internet connection. Therefore, those games need wifi. Therefore, searching for games that don’t need wifi or are No wifi games is something obvious.

So, whether you are a lover of online games whose wifi isn’t working or whether you don’t want to play online games and want to have an experience of No wifi games.

What Games Can You Play Without WiFi? [15 Best No Wifi Games]

We have brought a total of more than 15 best wifi free games that anyone can play without any wifi or data connection. After all, not everyone owns wifi. Yeah? Therefore, try out these no wifi games:

1. Bubble Witch Saga

A bubble shooting game in which your mission is to rescue and liberate the magical and mysterious creature inside numerous colored bubbles. A cat named Wilbur has put up the beautiful creature into imprisonment and trapped him. Bubble witch saga, a shooting game, where the player shoots the bubbles by matching three of them, releasing the animal from captivity.

The player will need to find some particular and unique bubbles, power bubbles, extricate them and destroy Wilbur’s troops. A wonderfully developed no wifi free game for shooting lovers. It’s worth it to play this wifi free game.

Fun no wifi games
Bubble Witch Saga

2. Blazing Sniper

“Games without wifi” come with various advantages. For example, no unwanted advertisements that hinder players while they are getting involved in their games. Blazing Sniper is one of the best no wifi games that sets an excellent example and an awesome offline shooter game. The mission of the player in this wifi free game is protecting people from attacks and viruses.

Something related to our current scenario. Isn’t it? The game is relatively easy to navigate, with over 50 tasks for shooters and infinite methods to keep you entertained and immersed in the game for long. Blazing Sniper is an excellent wifi free game fun for Android device users with simple control and smooth gameplay.

good games that don't need wifi
Blazing Sniper

3. Into the dead

While talking about the best no wifi games, Into the Dead can’t be ignored. If you want to have the strange fear of losing yourself in a dark horror room when there is no way to escape, this game can let you experience that experience.

Into the Dead is a wifi free game where you must spend as much as you can to save yourself from a defeat. The player gets in a miserable world of the zombie’s apocalypse, where you must do whatever you can do to stay alive.

good games that don't need wifi
Into The Dead

4. Shadow fight 2

It is a one-stop-place for players who love actions, thrill, and adventure. You can get the characters that you have noticed in Kung-Fu movies.

Therefore, the player gets the chance to use their lethal weapons on real opponents. It is a 2D wifi free game where a character’s shadow loses his body while releasing some of the devils by protecting his house.

good games that don't need wifi
Shadow Fight 2

5. Asphalt 8 Airborne

It is an actual combination of top-quality graphics, speed, terrific cars, the updated version of the asphalt games, and asphalt 8. This new asphalt connects new gimmicks as well as vehicles and even aircraft carriers indeed. The creators have determined and considered everything they can provide on this one.

On a decent device, the no wifi gameplay is ready enough when you compete against other opponents to win cash prizes, which you can use afterward to upgrade and even buy new cars.

No Wifi Games
Asphalt 8 Airborne

6. Implosion: Never Lose Hope

This extraordinary action and no wifi game from the Rayark is a promising sci-fi-shoot-game in which the player controls a soft-looking mech. It is their duty in the match to save humanity from alien plate mutants.

The initial six levels are free to play, and a one-off IAP reveals the whole game. The game features an epic campaign, side-missions, and challenges that can keep you busy for hours.

No Wifi Games
Implosion: Never lose hope

7. 3D Pool ball

You must have played 3D on your device. If not, then here is the right time to do the same. 3D Pool is among the best games without wifi meaning it doesn’t need the internet. This no wifi game offers pocket billiards; In other words, play Pool in a 3D view, something that is similar to the one you play in the real world.

With 3D Pool Ball, increase your heritage and play against other real players all across the world. Players can even play like a pro and even win trophies while playing and winning from other play pool players.

No Wifi Games
3D Pool ball

8. Subway Surfers

Suppose you have played the game Temple Run. You will then find the playability of this no wifi game, i.e., Subway Surfers is identical to that of the Temple Run. In the temple race, you control your player using the accelerometer. Meanwhile, Subway Surfers has to fly through the dangerous and abandoned train stations in this no wifi game.

Further, in this, you will need to move the character between three tracks of trains, sliding by using your finger across the screen. The game is fun-filled. One can quickly get it offline and then move their fingers across the screen to play this adventurous no-wifi game.

No Wifi Games
Subway Surfers

9. Friday the 13th

A horror puzzle game with lots of gore and fun, Friday the 13th is a no wifi game for everyone who loves having a thrill. The players play as Jason Vorhees, the character, and make their way through more than over 100 levels. The player must slay everyone and fight cops, traps, landmines, and rotary phones.

Friday the 13th is a fun arcade activity experience game with terror elements that you can play without wifi. Regardless to say, the game clearly should not be recommended to children. But, others can play it without wifi, and it’s a good game that doesn’t need wifi.

No Wifi Games
Friday The 13th

10. To the Moon

Johnny Wyles is the character of the game who is dying and wishes to go to the Moon. However, he doesn’t know why. He inscribes the help of two doctors who help recreate his life’s memories on the road to how he has this desire to die.

From there, it is a love story of quick movement towards the Moon. More narrative experience than a game, and who doesn’t love stories? To the Moon is well written and has incredible 16 scenes. To the Moon is one of the best games to play without wifi.

No Wifi Games
To the Moon

11. Despicable me

These miniatures are here, and they offer lots of fun and the natural iron source — bananas. Despicable me is a 3D runner no wifi game where you compete against the minions and collect bananas as soon as they jump on a fast-speed mission.

In the game, players can run through remarkable places incited by the real movies as they upgrade to fabulous costumes since they also use fun weapons and enhancers.

No Wifi Games
Despicable me

12. Six guns: Gang Showdown

Developed by Gameloft, Six guns are here to provide the player with the wild west’s real sensation, and the player better gets tied up. Six Guns is a third-person shooter action game and a no wifi game as well. Based on the wild west of Arizona and Oregon’s action scenes in a land full of frightening cowboys, vampires, and bandits.

The player will need to complete 40 missions while running horses, remove thieves, and end up with waves of enemies along the way. Moreover, you can also unlock different weapons, clothes, and other weapons to help you in your action-packed, thrill-filled adventure. One can easily download and play the SIX guns game for free by the Google Play Store. One who will need to pay for it is only bandits and vampires.

Six guns: Gang Showdown
Six guns: Gang Showdown

13. Brothers 3 Arms – Arcade

Brother in Arms is a no wifi game for people who aspire to become brave soldiers in their lives or even in fun. Additionally, you don’t even get any pop-up windows or any advertisements that bother and hamper you while playing.

To start with the game, one must select between Free for All and Team Deathmatch modes. Then, unlock advantages by playing each weapon class. Moreover, experiment with new weapons and surprise yourself and even others with visual effects.

Brothers 3 Arms - Arcade
Brothers 3 Arms – Arcade

14. Jetpack Joyride

If you’re willing to kill some quality time while running through in an underground laboratory, therefore, Jetpack Joyride is one of the best no wifi games around you. Jetpack Joyride is a 2D side-scrolling endless runner that delivers an excellent level of control and amusing gameplay.

Your main goal is to survive the level as long as you can, all the time collecting coins, utilizing power-ups, and killing evil and wrong scientists underground. That means it’s an endless game. Of course, it’s an arcade gaming fashion; therefore, there will be obstacles along the way without any doubt.

Thanks to the developers, the game balances them with cool power-ups and a unique management scheme that’s easy to manipulate. This game is one of those no wifi games that you find straightforward to begin but hard to master, especially timing your jumps right is something crucial. Further, lasting long in this game.

Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride

15. Hungry Shark Evolution

Have you ever imagined how it would feel if you are a gigantic shark? I know you did, and even if you haven’t, then that’s the time. Hungry Shark Evolution enables you to live the fantasy of being a terrifying and gigantic shark who dominates the sea creatures and humans.

There is a great concept behind the game that makes for compelling gameplay and extreme repetition value. The basic thesis of Hungry Shark Evolution is to eat. Something like the survival of the fittest. Like a shark, you’ll be able to gobble down smaller fish.

You’ll also have to avoid more giant predators that can easily make short work of you. There are also things to collect, scores to beat, and challenges to complete while playing this beautifully rendered 3-D game. Of course, you’ll also be able to eat humans and live out your Jaws fantasies without any doubt.

Hungry Shark Evolution
Hungry Shark Evolution

Eleggible’s Recommendation

After knowing the top 15+ no wifi games, if you wonder which one is best, then, my friend, this is something obvious. But as we say it always, you don’t need to worry. Regardless to say, all of these no wifi games are uncomparable, and one must play them.

Yet, best for you is something that only you know. For example, what might excite you in a game and you will find the best. It might not be the same for some other person. So, as you see, it clears it, knows your preferences, and go with the one that calls you.

What To Do If There’s No Wifi?

It’s undeniable. Just come with us and play no wifi games!! It’s as simple as that. That’s why we have mentioned 15+ no wifi games.

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Can You Play Bitlife Without Wifi?

Yes, my friend, for sure. You can play Bitlife anywhere and anytime without any internet connection for long hours. That is because it’s a no wifi game.

Eleggible’s Final Words

After considering all things, these are the top 15+ best, no wifi games one can play whenever they want to play. Play them in the night, morning, evening, noon, or whenever you wish, wherever you want.

No wifi games are the best pass time for anyone. Be it the elderly people, a teenager, or a kid. Just install them and get ready to engage yourself for long hours. Yes, because the games are something that you can’t resist replaying them in 2022.

Yeah! Happy gaming!

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