How to Lookup Walmart Receipt Online (Step By Step)

If you are using a debit or credit card to make your purchase, Walmart Receipt Lookup offers an Electronic Payment Hotline where you may obtain a copy of your receipt.

If you don’t know how to get receipt from Walmart online order? You can also use Walmart online receipt lookup tool to find your lost receipt and we have covered everything about it in this article.

If you don’t have your Walmart order lookup history, receipt, or order number, if you have the credit/debit card used to make a Walmart receipt purchase in-store, the retailer may be able to pull up your transaction history to get the reference number.

Most businesses preserve copies of receipts, but it’s better to check with the store to see if you can get a replica. If you lose a receipt, your best bet is to call the Walmart store where you got the original copy and see if they can reproduce it.

Every receipt has a transaction number, date, time, reference number, and other information. You must play your part by providing precise details on when you made your purchase; Walmart’s assistance will handle the rest.

You can also view Walmart lost receipts on Walmart App. Just you have to open the Walmart app on your phone. In the “Account” section, go to the upper right corner. Find your order in the “recent orders” scroll-down list. Click “Show details” on the request for which you want a Walmart receipt lookup. You can screenshot or download the same.

How to Lookup Walmart Receipt Online [Detailed Guide]

#1 Through Email

In the event of a lost Walmart receipt or generating a new one, you can even extract your receipt from the mail that you have given to the Walmart store. It is available in the Primary folder of your Mail or sometimes it goes into the spam folder also. You can write to Walmart at The customer service representative will assist you in resolving the problem.

#2 Through Walmart App

You can follow these steps on the Walmart website to solve your receipt issue. This is one of the most convenient ways to lookup your receipts is using the Walmart app.

Step#1 – Login to using the right registered email and password from your favorite browser on your MAC or Windows PC.

Login to Walmart Receipt Lookup

Step #2 – Click on the “Account” section in the upper right corner.


Step# 3 – Find your order in the “Purchase History” section and scroll down the list.

Recent Orders

Step #4 Locate the order you want a receipt for and select “See details“.

See details Walmart Receipt Lookup

Step#5 – Your receipt will appear on your screen immediately after. You can now get your hands on it.

#3 Through Walmart Lookup Website

Create a Walmart account first. If you already have the account then simply Go to this website (

Step #1 – Enter the Purchase Location or Zip Code, City, or State name.

Walmart receipt lookup

Step #2 – Then enter the Purchase Date, Card Type, Last 4 Digits of your Card, and Receipt Total.

Captcha Walmart Receipt Lookup

Step #3 – After then complete the Captcha.

Step #4 – Click on Lookup Receipt.

What if Walmart Receipt Lookup is Not Working?

If your Walmart receipt lookup not working, here’s what you can do. A few things may be done to aid in this scenario. First and foremost, the receipt may always be found in your Walmart account via your browser or the Walmart app.

Second, if your Walmart Receipt Lookup isn’t working, you may contact Walmart Care for assistance.

If you purchased the item at a store and paid with a debit or credit card, Walmart has an Electronics Payment Hotline where you may obtain a copy of the receipt.

The Walmart Electronics Payment Hotline may be reached at 479-277-2643.

How do I Print my Walmart Receipt Online?

Step #1 – Open the Walmart app or go to the Walmart website on your device. Click “See Details” after selecting the order you want a receipt.

Step #2 – To open the print window on your computer, press Ctrl + P if you’re using Windows or Command + P if you’re using a Mac.

Step #3 – Press the Print button on your computer screen.

How do I Return Something to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Items purchased in-store or on can usually be returned or exchanged with or without a Walmart within ninety days after purchase. If you return items to a store without a Receipt, Show them your legal, government-issued identification ID if you don’t have your receipt. Your return will be allowed if your ID information matches that stored in their secure database. If not, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Walmart receipt item lookup may be beneficial if you have issues with your receipts or account. Grocery consumers already have access to millions of goods, money-saving discounts, and various delivery and touch-free payment options. All you have to do is ask, and they will come.

Customer service and assistance are excellent and prompt. Walmart outperforms cable providers, many airlines, and health insurance organizations in terms of customer happiness.

The low prices they give make it difficult for local businesses to compete. Walmart is usually the most dependable for the finest deals and benefits.

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