11 Best Fm Transmitter Apps for Android & iOS

Everyone loves music because they can relate their lives to several songs. New songs are added up every day, and the ocean of music is never-ending. So, if you are a die-hard music fan, which of course you are, then you should check our list of 11 best FM transmitter apps for Android and iOS:

1. Radio Tuner

A free app with more than 70000 stations to hear music from, seems interesting, right? Select some top stations you like to hear, and add them to your favorites, and that’s all you got to do if you want some cool music in one single step. You can search by writing a name, genre, artist, etc., or even scroll through the top charts to find some interesting picks.

One unique feature is the timer for sleep. You can set up a timer for the app and listen to music before sleep, and the app will turn off its music in the time set. Thus, this app is a good choice to pick for FM transmitters with some modern features included.

Fm Transmitter Apps
Radio turner


Another app with around 120 thousand stations for music, live news, and podcasts. This is a smart app that has some AI features included. For example, if you like football and have added some football news stations to your favorites, then this app will suggest similar picks and notify you if there is any relevant news for the same.

It provides music from a wide range of stations, which leaves you with a lot of options to choose from. It also allows offline listening and also has a smart music equalizer. It enables scrolling the time 30 seconds forward or backward.

Fm Transmitter Apps

3. SiriusXM Radio

An app with high-quality sound and provision of music, comedy podcasts, news, etc. A light app, with minimal battery usage for sustained listening and can work without an internet connection. And, the best part is, there are no ads! What else do you need in an app?

You can search easily and find daily recommendations based on your searches and previous choices. Moreover, the adaptable and simple UI is the cherry on the top.

Fm Transmitter Apps
SiriusXM Radio

4. MyTuner Radio

Over 100 thousand radio stations at your fingertips. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere without the need for the internet. The search system is lightning fast and provides excellent results when searching for a specific station or a genre.

This app is in the top 100 in more than 120 countries, the most used app in 50 countries. This ensures high credibility and quality of sound, content as well as services. With the popularity in so many countries, one can find music, podcasts, or news about any corner of the world in most languages used worldwide.

Fm Transmitter Apps
My Tuner Radio

5. Radio FM

A good app, with no doubt the best quality sounds, has music, news, and podcasts pertaining to all fields of life, from sports to politics. Just like other apps, even this app has a smart UI that provides good recommendations and saves your search and play history.

This app works when turned off, that is, plays the music in the background with the same efficiency. There’s just one drawback that fails to make it the best, and that is its incapability of providing offline transmission.

Fm Transmitter Apps
Radio FM

6. Simple Radio

The simple radio station, just like the name suggests, is an FM transmitter with a straightforward UI. It is a perfect music partner and made explicitly for parties since you can change the playback speed, scroll throughout the music, and has a great equalizer. This app provides the timer feature, too, so you can tune in some music before sleep and relax. 

Fm Transmitter Apps
Simple Radio

7. Radio.net

Another smart radio transmitter app, Radio.net. It has all the basic features regarding search, sleep timer, recommendations, etc. However, it has some bonus features too, like suggested stations as per your location.

The app provides a suggestion for stations based on your location. A well-organized app, with the easy interface, and a good stack of features, definitely a must pick.

Fm Transmitter Apps

8. FM Transmitter

Another FM transmitter recommendation, the ‘FM Transmitter.’ This app boasts of providing the fastest search and stream and provides streaming offline, so making it perfect for parties and picnics.

Moreover, it also provides quick support services. If you have any queries or recommendations to the developers, you can use the support option provided in the app and get immediate support. It also has all the basic features required in an FM transmitter.

Fm Transmitter Apps
FM Transmitter

9. Clear FM for FM transmitters

A simple app with all base features and excellent quality music. It provides music from all kinds of genres and languages. It also provides news and podcasts according to your taste and language. Even this app provides the feature where it shows suggested stations with respect to your location.

Fm Transmitter Apps
Clear FM or FM Transmitter

10. iHeartRadio

Another FM transmitter that can fetch you content in FM and AM stations, both. The distinguishing feature it possesses is its cool UI. It may not be that simple, but it looks cool, and once understood, makes the search easier.

It has sorted out a playlist for music and podcasts according to location, genre, language, artist, etc. It also has an equalizer and playback speed controller.

Fm Transmitter Apps

11. Radio & Music – PCRADIO player

An Fm Transmitter Apps is having all basic features like timer, offline stream, favorites, smart suggestions according to previous plays, searches, and location, quality controller, sound equalizer, alarm clock with your favorite wake up ringtone and battery-saving UI.

What else do you need in one app? It has a wide range of stations all over the world and in hundreds of languages. It is hence making this a perfect choice for an all-rounder app.

Fm Transmitter Apps
Radio & Music – PCRADIO player

Eleggible’s Final Words

All these are the top picks we suggest our readers pick up if you are looking for Fm Transmitter Apps. Picking eleven top apps out of the massive group, was quite a difficult task, because all apps fulfill their purpose in one way or other.

However, these Fm Transmitter Apps stand out for some unique feature they possess, but, picking one out of these would be an even more difficult task! Look out for features you prioritize and make your choice simple!

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