11 Best MOBA Games for PC That You Can Try (2022)

MOBAs has initially taken inspiration by real-time building games such as the StarCraft series and was as mods within existing games. However, they have continued to evolve over the years and today make up a significant portion of the gaming market. We offer Best MOBA Games for you.

The first MOBA called as Acon of Strife, and it led to the extraordinarily popular warcraft III custom game- Defence of the Ancients. Even if you have never played a MOBA game yourself, we bet you might have heard of a few- DOTA 2, Smite, and League of Legends. In this article, we’ll be telling you about the 11 best MOBA games that you can enjoy in 2022.

What is a MOBA Game all About?

MOBA stands for multiple online battle arena and is a team-based multiplayer online strategy game. Each player has a single powerful unit under control whose motive is to increase strength by accumulating resources throughout the match.

Top 11 MOBA Games for PC That You Can Try (2022)

The primary goal for each team is to destroy the opposing team’s buildings and the team that destroys the opposition’s main building, wins. Killing the opposite minions or rival players gives you gold and experience; this gives you more knowledge and power to demolish the enemy building finally.

1. League of Legends

This is one of the most difficult MOBA games in the market. It features fast-paced gameplay with the primary objective being the destruction of the opposite team’s nexus before they destroy yours. It has a roster of 140+ champions divided into seven distinct classes.

Each match starts with an even playing field. It would help if you had skill, strategy and acute presence of mind to unlock new abilities as things progress. The game has been around more than a decade now and continues to be one of the most streamed games on youtube.

Best MOBA Games
League of Legends

2. Smite

Smite is one of the most popular MOBA games at the moment, with over 30 million registered users across all platforms. In the game, players give control of over 100 gods and goddesses, mostly from Greek mythology. The most played mode is Conquest.

Here, players spend resources to buy weapons and upgrades to compete to kill the enemy’s ‘phoenix’ and ‘titan’. The structure is very similar to counter strike with an added perk of customization that allows players to select from a wide range of cosmetic products.

Best MOBA Games

3. Dota 2

Valve released DOTA 2 as the official sequel to warcraft III mod Defence of the ancients. Although it is one of the most popular multiplayer online games, it has fewer players than legends of leagues because it is much harder to master. It runs on an upgraded version of Valve’s Source 2 engine.

It has two teams of five players each competing against each other trying to defeat the enemy by securing the most kills. Its current roster includes more than 100 heroes who design to fulfil multiple roles. This ensures that individual matches never play out the same way.

Best MOBA Games
Dota 2

4. Heroes of the storm

Developed by Blizzard Ent, this releases on 2015 under the genre ‘hero brawler’. It runs solely on Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher and has players facing off in 5v5 fashion across 15 different maps. It has no items and players choose upgrades according to their abilities as they go up in levels.

Each hero also has two ultimate skills, and the only one can activate during a single match. Games are shorter, mostly within 30 minutes with the main focus on combat and objectives.

Best MOBA Games
Heroes of the storm

5. Bleeding edge

Ninja Theory develops the game and smoothly combines elements from both MOBA and Hero shooter genre. Each character has an original back story on which they assign abilities and roles. There are three roles- damage, support and tank.

Players compete in two modes- objective control and power collection and formations of 4v4. Although the game had a rocky launch, the continuous upgrades adding new content and improvements along with its presence on Xbox is helping to gather more gamers steadily.

Best MOBA Games
Bleeding edge

6. Battlerite

The game came in 2017 as the sequel of Bloodline Champions by Stunlock Studios. The game has quicker match time and more minute to minute action; something that immediately set it apart from other MOBAs. In the game, players choose from 25 unique champions based on their- offence, defence and movement.

Although a pretty solid game, it somehow failed to gather enough players and is currently not as active as it used to be. If the lengths of traditional MOBAs turn you off, battlerite’s free-to-play model is worth checking out.


7. Extraordinary ones

This is an anime based MOBA game and is exclusive to mobile devices. It features well- known characters such as Izuku Midoriya which is the lead character of My hero Academia. The combat and movement styles are different from regular MOBA games.

Netease Games developed it in 2022 and worldwide release for ios and android. After its launch, the game featured 36 over the top heroes and a three-lane class MOBA style map. Heroes need to cover the lanes to destroy the enemy base. The game provides two other modes for fast-paced action- realm brawl and campus duel.

8. Airmech strike

It is an online multiplayer battle arena video game developed by Carbon Games. This games feels like a real-time strategy game but has the gameplay of a MOBA. The game has dozens of units fighting against each other in maps, mechs that shift form according to the situation in the match.

Now it comes in both single and multiplayer modes and is available worldwide across windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. Players need to manage just one resource known as ‘credits’ which generate by the fortress.

Airmech strike

9. Rise of legions

This game mixes MOBA with deck- building and tower defence games, creating an intriguing mix of elements to encounter. The game was released in 2018 for Microsoft Windows and developed by Broken Games UG. The game is fast-paced and easy to pick up.

You can play solo or 2v2. The loop is engaging and provides players with a unique experience combining the three genres. It is also free to play, which makes it worth a try.

Rise of legions

10. Defence of the Ancients

This is the original MOBA and paved the way for so many other entries listed here. The game allows the players access to world editors. Here, you have to choose from 112 heroes and combat with enemy players or other creatures to get gold. The more gold your team has, the more in advantage you are.

There are two teams- the sentinel and the scourge, which fight to gain control of the map and destroy the other team’s ‘ancient’. It is a step from the RTS style of gameplay and has remained active despite being realized more than 15 years ago.

11. Vainglory

This is the first MOBA primarily for mobile and came in 2014 for iOS and Android devices. It got release by super evil megacorp and advertised as “the no-compromise cross-platform MOBA”. Player’s ultimate goal is to control the path between theirs and their opponent’s base.

They are allowed to go out, of course, avoiding or battling monsters and gaining resources to help their team. The main hero called ‘avatar’, and the motive is to pass enemy turrets to reach and destroy the ‘vain crystal’.


Eleggible’s Recommendation

For people who are new to the genre and want to get used to it, we suggest vainglory or rise of legions. You can also try defence of the ancients- the original MOBA. However, suppose you consider yourself an experienced gamer and are looking for a challenge.

In that case, you must try the league of legends. It’s fast-paced, strategic and requires skills to move forward. Arguably the best and the most popular game out there a league of legends is sure to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

What is the full form of MOBA?

MOBA’s full form is ‘multiplayer online battle arena’.

What is the Most Challenging MOBA game?

Most gamers consider DOTA 2 as the most challenging MOBA game available, and few dare to play it. This is the reason why it does not have a community as large as a league of legends. However, it attracts only the players in the class.

What MOBA to Play?

You can play any of the 11 above listed games.

Our MOBA Games Dying?

Not. Despite being released way back in 1998, MOBA still reigning over the gaming world with a stunningly large number of games added every year.

When was MOBA Game Invented?

It released in 1998, the first game being Aeon of Strife.

Eleggible’s Final Words

MOBA has evolved into a global cultural phenomenon thanks to its strong fan base. The genre is so popular that a few sites cover it like sports and teams play to win literal cash prizes! In 2018, They gave US$ 60 million as prize pools, and that was 40% of the year’s entire esport games prize pool!

Nowadays, the genre is over – crowded, and an insane number of new MOBAs released every year. The thrill, excitement and adrenaline pump that MOBA games provide along with the upgrades that developers keep adding help to maintain the genre’s reign on the gaming world.

So those are the best MOBA games that you can play in 2022- its time to round up your team, choose your heroes and charge down on the enemies in search of glory! May the forces lie with the best team.

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