11 Best Story Games for PC That You Can Play (2022)

Each new age of computer games guarantees more polygons, pixels, and handling power than any time in recent memory. Designers spout about how the most recent PlayStation and Xbox reassure convey popular expressions like sprout lighting, molecule impacts, 4K, beam following, and ordinary planning. We offer the best story games for you.

In any case, account and narrating can be similarly as significant as sensible illustrations or even interactivity itself. Stories have a necessary impact in every one of our lives, and the best story games catch an account’s exceptional capacity to submerge us in a stunning point of interest.

Moreover, there is a best story game to suit each taste with hybrid kinds going from RPGs to shooters, and that is just the beginning.

What are Story Games all about?

Story-driven games are portrayed for its sudden change in its game mechanics so they can add to the tale plot. Instances of this are games where you discover things, open extraordinary aptitudes, and capacities, find unique adversaries, meet exceptional partners, and this is just the beginning.

Top 11 Story Games for PC That You Can Play (2021)

1. The Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney arrangement of visual novel experience games appeared on the Game Boy Advance in 2001. In almost a long time since, the establishment presently incorporates more than ten game titles, an anime, and a right to life Japanese film.

The player assumes responsibility for a few diverse guard lawyers to research cases, assemble proof, interview observers, and decide reality.

best story games
The Ace Attorney


  • Even though each game first delivery was for Nintendo handheld gadget, the more significant part of the ports to versatile.
  • The first Ace Attorney Trilogy HD is accessible for iPhone. Side project titles Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (iOS and Android), Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (iOS and Android).

2. Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters happens in a universe with equal cyberpunk cutting edge and mysterious dreamlands. You control a few characters as they investigate conditions, proceed with the story, and explain puzzles.

There are no battle or covertness components in the game. Dreamfall instead zeroing in on the player finding mysteries through investigation and settling on essential decisions that will adjust portions of the story.

best story games
Dreamfall Chapters


  • The title fills in as the third and last portion of The Longest Journey arrangement. The game is advanced for the PC.
  • However, has additionally been ported to the Xbox One and PS4. You can get the initial two games—The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey—in a pack on Steam.

3. Firewatch

Firewatch is a first-individual experience game that places you in charge of a fire post named Henry into the Shoshone National Forest. The game happens in 1989 and follows Henry as he investigates the woodland and reveals a scheme.

best story games


  • The lion’s share of the game’s story and discourse comes from Henry’s cooperation with his boss over a walkie-talkie.
  • Players choose how the two interface and how their relationship creates throughout the game.
  • Firewatch is accessible on all significant gaming stages.

4. The last of us

Although the Last of Us includes a considerable measure of zombie-murdering activity, its genuine spotlight is on the tense dystopian environment and the delicate connection between its heroes. You control Joel through battle and endurance situations as he accompanies Ellie, his young proxy little girl, to wellbeing.

The last of us


  • Players experience a wrecked America loaded up with torment, sorrow, and zombies on a proper to life level.
  • The Last of Us Remastered is accessible on PlayStation 4; The Last of Us II is right now developing.

5. Life is strange

Portions of the Life is Strange arrangement introduce themselves as verbose experience computer games zeroing in on various characters. You control the principle character to influence the climate, acquire things, and collaborate with the characters around them.

Life is strange


  • Player choices will straightforwardly change the narrative of the game.
  • Life is Strange is accessible for PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. Scene One can play on Steam, and the full season is accessible as a group for $19.99.
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm is on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One, with a free form for iOS and Android. Life is Strange two is accessible for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

6. Oxenfree

The great awfulness experience game Oxenfree bases on a gathering of children who must reveal reality with regards to a puzzling island. There are no cutscenes in the game, so all discourse happens during ongoing interaction, permitting the player to the centre so a lot or as meagre on the story as they need.

best story games


  • Oxenfree has numerous endings and no game-over screen, which implies the player’s choices legitimately modify the game’s storyline.
  • It is accessible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

7. The walking dead

For quite a long time, Telltale Games has been making experience games dependent on adored properties like Batman and Fables. Notwithstanding, The Walking Dead arrangement bests them all. The arrangement’s plots, characters, and composing are apparently in a way that is better than the show and the first comic on which the game is.

best story games
The walking dead


  • You can as of now purchase Season One, Season Two, and Season Three, just as an upgraded pack with the initial two seasons.
  • The fourth and last season was similarly as Telltale Games left the business, so this is the stopping point.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As a pretending activity game set in an open world, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is virtually the most conventional passage on this rundown.

best story games
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


  • Even though you will be battling numerous adversaries, you additionally need to settle on meaningful choices all through the game as the Witcher Geralt, like who lives and who dies. You will also get mirror puzzle in Witcher 3.
  • A few choices may even appear to be irrelevant, just for it to change the course of the game later. Delivered in 2015, Witcher 3 is presently accessible for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

9. GTA: San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto arrangement is known for offering a profound anecdote about wrongdoing and results while providing first-rate interactivity. GTA: San Andreas is the same.

GTA: San Andreas


  • The game offers one of the most extensive open worlds with a ton that you can do.
  • And all that is enveloped by a story of defilement. In posse viciousness and reclamation.

10. Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment chose to add a solitary player mission to Titanfall two after the first title reprimanded for its scarcity in that department. The outcome? Remarkable.

Titanfall 2


  • While the mission was finishing in a couple of play meetings, it includes probably the most energizing strategies put together and story-driven mechanics for the market.
  • Trade among pilot and titan mode to finish your goals and commute home triumph for your unit. Titanfall two is accessible for PC and reassure at an ultra-moderate cost.

11. Twin Mirror

In case you are a devotee of roundabout undertakings like Life is Strange, Twin Mirror by designer Dontnod Entertainment makes sure to be a hit.

Twin Mirror


  • Players assume responsibility for Sam, an analytical writer who is on the chase in West Virginia, USA.
  • Trade between the actual world and Sam’s Mind in this one-of-a-kind bend on puzzle-based experience gaming.
  • Figure you can disentangle the puzzle? Twin Mirror is for a 2021 delivery.

Best Recommendation

Regardless of whether it is between the primary character and the last chief. Nearly between in-game NPCs, character elements add authenticity to the story and get the player genuinely put resources into the result. The Walking Dead is another game from Telltale Games that ties in with settling on decisions.

This time around, you are in the zombie end of the world, attempting to deal with a young lady, while merely trying to endure. Most story games highlight an all-encompassing principle storyline; however, side-journeys and smaller than expected stories are a famous method to sit back and substance out the legend.

Which game has the Best Storyline?

Walking Dead has the best storyline out of it.

What Game has the Most Extended Storyline?

Life is strange is considered to have the best storyline and is best for both Android and IOS.

Final Words

Much the same as a book or film, characters start the game with a restricted comprehension of the experience ahead. When it is over, they have increased massive measures of involvement and opened guides, things, and new understandings of the world.

To conclude, a game, the player must collaborate with the climate. The way this plays out is distinctive relying upon the game. Also, story titles consistently remember a component of investigation and interest in connection to the principle questline. Stories are the essence of numerous computer games, and improvement cannot start until the whole story circular segment has been fleshed out.

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