11+ Best Overclocking Software for CPU, GPU & RAM

Searching for the best overclocking software. So, you are at the right place.

In this modern world, everyone is so busy with their schedule that they want everything at a snap of their fingers. This is mostly through digital technology. Due to the arrival of the pandemic, almost everyone is doing work from home. Hence all office workers are now on your personal computer/laptop.

And any delay in work due to slow down of your pc is something that can’t be fixed immediately. This slow down of your computer can be fixed through overclocking a component.

So why not get a top-most ram overclocking software, through which your pc will run faster than usual, enabling you to finish your task before the deadline.

By having one of the best overclock tools you can overlock any component i.e. CPU, GPU, and RAM. Whichever you are having issues with and make your computer run faster than ever.

There is much best software that you can consider as per your need, like CPU overclocking software. If due to CPU your PC slows down, you need to use PC or laptop overclocking software. These are specially meant for handling the speed of pc and many such convenient overclocking software.

These best overclocking software helps you to make your pc run faster without spending a large sum of money on updating or enhancing your pc.

12 Best Overclocking Software & Tools to Overclock CPU, GPU & RAM

We have arranged these software according to the features and use. All software are free as well as they have paid plans.

But before using any software go through with its overclocking guide on how to overclock RAM, CPU & GPU and then start applying.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

#1 MSI Afterburner (Free)

Link – https://www.msi.com/page/Afterburner

One of the most perceived overclocking CPU software, MSI Afterburner, gives you a chance to have unlimited oversight over your Graphic Card.

You will get a full outline of your equipment, alongside PC benchmarking and customization of fan profiles, without a doubt.

If you are not experienced with overclocking, with its simple interface, you can get MSI Afterburner. Max engine propulsion is free, and with it, you can check out this program to overclock CPU and increase your system speed with by applying its CPU booster.

MSI Afterburner overclocking software
MSI Afterburner

With Afterburner, you likewise get accuracy control of the center memory, in addition to an in-game FPS counter with complete data about your System and its presentation.

Max engine thrust can likewise test the security and warm execution of your PC’s Graphic Cards (it bolsters every single Graphic Card) with the goal that you can make the best out of your PC’s Graphics Cards.

#2 CPU-Z and GPU-Z (Free)

Link – https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

For any individual who needs to to safely overclock CPU, processor, and realistic card, these apps are an absolute necessity have. These apparatuses are the best out there to watch your framework examination and the presentation of your framework when overclocking.

With CPU-Z, you will get total definite reports on your motherboard, processor, and GPU. CPU-Z gives, without a doubt, all data identified with the processor, including bundles, reserve levels, voltage, and so forth.

CPU-Z cpu overclocking software

GPU-Z is the best GPU overclocking software concentrates more on data about your designs card, for example, memory timekeepers and GPU tickers, Temperature, size, and that are just the beginning, all you have to think about GPU and to overclock.

NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPU, and ATI Graphic Cards are good with CPU-Z and GPU-Z. On the off chance that you need to have each little insight regarding your motherboard, CPU, GPU, and RAM, then this product is without a doubt for you.

It showcases the detail of your framework as well as you can transform them according to your need. On the off chance that you need to download this best CPU overclocking software, You can download it from its official site.

#3 NVIDIA Inspector (Free)

Link – https://nvidia-inspector.en.softonic.com/

NVIDIA Inspector is one of the best ram overclocking software whose essential use is showing data in regards to the Graphic Card to the client. In any case, it is likewise, to a great extent, utilized for overclocking GPU, CPU or RAM.

NVIDIA Inspector has its impediments, however. It can’t screen your framework temperature or steadiness, so you should get different devices, for example, HWMonitor or 3DMark, to do that for you.

NVIDIA Inspector best overclocking software
NVIDIA Inspector

The application has a basic UI, however, so overclocking won’t be a challenging undertaking for you with the NVIDIA Inspector.

It has its points of confinement. It can’t screen the temperature or security of your framework, so you may need different instruments like HWMonitor or 3DMark to do that for you.

Be that as it may, the application has a basic UI, so overclocking with the NVIDIA Inspector won’t be an intricate undertaking for you.

#4 Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) (Free)

Link – https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/17881/intel-extreme-tuning-utility-intel-xtu.html

The Intel XTU is amazingly straightforward and is utilized by the two tenderfoots and propelled clients for overclocking. If you have Intel equipment and processor, this is the best apparatus you can get. This overclock utility has support for the cutting edge Intel-Core processors.

This is a straightforward Windows-based execution tuning software for beginners and professionals the same, particularly overclocking aficionados.

Intel XTU encourages you to overclock, screen, and stress a framework, with a product interface that uncovered its hearty capacities normal in many stages, in addition to exceptional new highlights for net Intel application processors and Intel motherboards.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility intel overclocking tool
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

It is fantastic, and worth the establishment, with highlights like diagrams that outline CPU usage, temperature, and recurrence of the procedure, which changes with time, so you can screen these changes.

The manual tuning tab gives you a chance to change your processor, illustrations, voltage, and memory, and the Stress Test modules let you practice your CPU, mind, and designs to decide whether the framework is as yet steady.

Different highlights incorporate the Profile choices so you can spare and recall specific overclocking settings, which you most likely overlooked.

In any case, it isn’t fitting to utilize the Intel XTU for overclocking except if you realize what you are doing, and you can acknowledge the dangers that accompany it. Generally, this is extraordinary compared to other overclocking Software for Intel CPU overclocker that you can utilize.

#5 AMD Overdrive (Free)

Link – https://amd-overdrive.software.informer.com/4.1/

AMD Overdrive is ostensibly remarkable compared to other ram overclocking software accessible today. With the ability to overclock and tweak your CPU and memory, the product adopts a complete strategy to overclocking frameworks.

For RAM overclocking, the program has pre-tuned settings and memory profiles that assist you with boosting DDR3 execution.

Then again, for CPU oc software, the product offers a programmed overclocking and clock tuning capacity dependent on your framework’s abilities.

AMD Overdrive overclock program
AMD Overdrive

Significantly, the utility enables clients to screen the voltage, memory timing, and memory check execution continuously. You additionally get programmed steadiness tests and control rushing to guarantee your framework strength all through.

The speed and voltage of the CPU are customizable, alongside an ongoing diagram of the CPU. After overclocking, you can run a dependability test to watch your PC’s exhibition. A simple interface and straightforward plan make it an amazingly famous overclock Software.

#6 MemSet (Free)

Link – https://m.majorgeeks.com/files/details/memset.html

As it is evident from the name that overclocking CPU software has a place with the individuals who need to build their CPU execution so they can make the most of their framework flying high in the sky. Be that as it may, CPU Tweaker has a constrained alternative since it just offers CPU control.

These propelled apparatuses are planned distinctly for clients who know about overclocking and comprehend what they are doing.

CPU-Tweaker is restricted, such that it is good just with processors having implanted memory controllers (e.g., AMD Phenom, Intel Core i3, i5, i7, i9, and so forth).

MemSet ram overclocking software

CPU Tweaker works best with such processors; however, if not, you can generally attempt MemSet, which is similarly cutting edge and ground-breaking.

Note, however, that these are not easy to use, and to standard clients may show up excessively confused.

Be that as it may, they are one of the most developed overclocking Software in the market for nothing, so it merits finding out about them if you are genuinely into overclocking your PC all alone.

#7 Riva Tuner (Free)

Link – https://rivatuner.en.softonic.com/

The Riva Tuner is a driver-level OpenGL/Direct3D tweaking NVIDIA GPU software with the capacity to change frameworks and make profiles for the different applications you run.

The product additionally has low-level equipment access for increasingly useful framework profiling.

Riva Tuner program to overclock cpu
Riva Tuner

The apparatus has constant equipment checking capacity to watch out for your framework execution. In any case, it will fix scrip motor and inherent vault editorial manager.

This manager sets this NVIDIA GPU execution tuning and CPU overclocking software separated.

#8 EVGA Precision X (Free)

Link – https://www.evga.com/precisionx1/

It is particularly prevalent among gamers. It bolsters all things, considered 10 client profiles. One confinement when contrasted with Afterburner, is that it underpins just Nvidia Graphic Cards, while Afterburner bolsters every single Graphic Card.

EVGA Precision X is likewise one of the most customarily utilized Softwares for CPU overclocking that you can get your hands on. It’s especially prominent with gamers. It bolsters a limit of 10 profiles of clients.

EVGA Precision X
EVGA Precision X

Contrasted with Afterburner, one impediment is that it just supports Nvidia Graphic Cards while Afterburner bolsters every Graphic Card.

Something else, likewise with any first-class ram overclocking software, it presents with fan speed voltage control, client profiles, and so forth. You can alter the framework’s memory clock counterbalance and GPU clock balance by EVGA Precision X.

#9 SAPPHIRE TriXX (Free)

Link – https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/software

This free GPU overclocking programming supports AMD Graphic Cards. However, it likewise bolsters an enormous range, from more established Radeon Graphic Cards to Radeon R9 Fury arrangement.

Like any overclocking Software, this product brute empowers you to change the center GPU clock, voltage, memory clock, and more to enhance the best execution.

To guarantee that your framework stays stable, it has ongoing observing for your equipment. If you have an AMD Graphic Card, it’s a helpful overclocking apparatus that you should attempt.

sapphire trixx
sapphire trixx

In the wake of changing the GPU execution measurements, you can spare the setting in a custom profile. The product considers up to five patterns.

In any case, on the off chance that you are new to GPU adjusting, you can utilize the two modes it accompanies – one for superior and the other for quiet running.

It additionally has an equipment screen include and gives constant reports on the presentation of the framework. At last, it has a fan control highlight enabling clients to redo their cooling to satisfy the needs that accompany overclocking.

#10 SetFSB (Free)

Link – https://www.filehorse.com/download-setfsb/

SetFSB is one of a kind apparatus that sets the Front Side Bus (FSB) of your framework. It is separated from another overclocking programming.

FSB Connects your CPU to the principle memory, so making the right settings is a brilliant method to build the exhibition of your PC as far as possible. SetFSB can assist you with boosting execution by expanding FSB speed.


This is a free device used to redo the presentation of the CPU by enabling clients to tweak their framework Front Side Bus speed. Utilizing the slider, you can increment or lessening FSB speed to calibrate your CPU speed.

You should utilize this product carefully. SetFSB is an apparatus that isn’t for tenderfoot clients; however, it controls clients with a multifaceted comprehension of framework customization.

#11 ASUS GPU Tweak II (Free)

Link – https://www.asus.com/us/site/graphics-cards/gpu-tweak-ii/

The ASUS GPU Tweak II is a superior illustration card enhancement device made by ASUS. The product includes a few exhibition modes, including the overclock mode, the gaming mode, and the quiet mode for quick improvement. Increase your social media presence also to get more knowledge about gaming, if you are a real hardcore gamer.

Overclocking Software

The instrument additionally enables clients to spare their custom profiles. In that capacity, the product allows for overclockers to make custom profiles by streamlining different parts of the equipment, including memory clock, GPU voltage, GPU lift clock, the power focus on, the fan speed, and considerably more.

At the superior cost you pay for the product, you additionally get the capacity to consequently and physically mood killer windows procedures and administrations, turn off windows enhanced visualizations (in this way boosting presentation), and defragmenting your memory.

With an XSplit Gamecaster premium permit, you can record or stream ongoing interaction. An exhibition overlay likewise gives continuous temperature, GPU clock speed, and VRM utilization as you play.

You can alter the GPU center clock, voltage, and memory clock of GPU effectively. To screen the solidness and temperature of your framework, it is prudent to get another device alongside it.

User’s Questions

Question 1 – Is Overclocking Simple?

How quickly do you need it? Multipliers are anything but difficult to set. However, processors are likewise simple to broil – there’s a give and take.

A touch of overclocking, state a 10% lift, isn’t hard to execute and won’t strain your processor without question. Be that as it may, the impacts may likewise be disappointing.

Adding a few hundred megahertz to your framework, conversely, is healthy and maintains a strategic distance from the threat zone for generally PCs.

In any case, expanding speed by, state 1GHz is an entirely another ballgame that requires additional cooling and potentially new power units: It’s conceivable, however unadvisable for easygoing upgraders.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Is overclocking bad for your PC/ computer?. Well, in general overclocking is highly safe and doesn’t have bad effects. Moreover, if you run your PC daily and it’s running slow, then CPU, GPU & RAM overclocking software is recommendable. Considering that your work requires a lot of cpu power, like gaming, graphic designing etc.

But, if your hard disk drive is slow then overclocking software may not work that effectively, and excessive overclocking may cause glitches, hence you should avoid it.

So, such points should be in mind before using any overclocking software. Mostly the working depends on the type of overclocking software. Before using any overclocking software go through its features and compatibility with ram thoroughly.

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