How to Track Children’s Phone Location with No Experience

The phone location tracker isn’t a thing only seen in movies. Most people usually employ agencies, and others use parental control apps to know where their kids are. With all the crimes out there, it’s not a matter of convenience or comfort anymore.

By knowing your children’s exact location, you can be sure that they are safe with no harm upon them. The best way to find a child’s location is by tracking their device with a reliable phone tracker.

If you are keen to find out how a tracking software works, ensure to grab your equipment ready. Here, we’ll look at how to track children’s phone location with no experience using the TeenSafe application.

Part 1: How to Trace a Kid’s Phone Location Without Experience

Believe it or not, the internet has plenty of free phone location tracking services. But do all of them work? Some are genuine, while others could be a hoax. Tracking a kid’s phone with a random site on your search engine may end up exposing your data.

To find a trustworthy website or app, make sure it meets certain conditions. It should have a user-friendly interface, be simple to use, work remotely, and discreetly. Here, we discuss TeenSafe as it meets the above requirements and makes tracking a phone easy.

1.1 TeenSafe – The Best App for Parental Monitoring

One of the most effective parental control software existing today is the TeenSafe phone tracker. It’s the simplest way to track children’s whereabouts by tracing their own mobile devices.

phone location tracker

TeenSafe is interspersed with Google Maps to give your child’s correct location with the exact coordinates and timestamps. You can track your teenager’s precise location, last night or a week ago. Moreover, you can restrict their movements using the Geofence feature. 

Anyone can set up and use TeenSafe to track someone’s location. You don’t have to acquire specific technical skills to use the app. Best of all, TeenSafe doesn’t ask for jailbreaking iOS devices or rooting Android gadgets. 

1.2 TeenSafe Compatibility

First things first, TeenSafe supports both Android and iOS operating systems. The real question is, how? 

If you wish to track your kid’s iPhone, you won’t need to install the TeenSafe app. You only need the kid’s iCloud username and password to get going. 

To track location on the child’s phone running Android, you have to access it and install the TeenSafe App physically. Don’t worry, the installation process is quick, takes about 5 minutes. 

Using cutting-edge innovations, TeenSafe functions discreetly. After installation, the app will disappear from the app menu. You don’t want to imagine the hatred if your children find you tracking their every move. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem with TeenSafe.

The ability to track the kid’s phone location remotely through any browser makes TeenSafe very convenient. You need to log in to your TeenSafe control panel to keep an eye on your kid’s movement.

Without further ado, let’s check how to track children’s location by TeenSafe without any coding experience. Besides, proclaimed media companies such as Life Wire and The Verge often speak positively about its exclusive features.

Part 2: How to Track a Kid’s Phone Location Using TeenSafe

Steps to Begin Tracking Children’s Device Location with No Experience

Step 1: Register for an online TeenSafe account and get a subscription plan.

phone location tracker

Step 2: Enter your child’s details in the fields on the control panel. Starting with the name, age, and choose their phone OS.

phone location tracker
fill information

Step 3: Use the instructions on your screen for TeenSafe automatic configuration.

3(a): In iOS, input the children’s iCloud details and wait for it to synchronize.

phone location tracker
Enter iCloud details

3(b): For Android devices, use the prompted link to download and install the TeenSafe application. Turn on the stealth mode to track without detection and wait for syncing.

phone location tracker
Finish Installation


Step 4: Upon completing setup, hit the “start” button to access your TeenSafe dashboard. All its features are present there, and you get the child’s phone summary.

Access your TeenSafe dashboard
Access your TeenSafe dashboard

Step 5: Navigate to the left-side menu and click on the location feature to track the child’s phone live location

click on the location feature
click on the location feature

Part 3: What More Can You Do Besides Tracking Phone Location

TeenSafe comes with 35+ incredible features to help parents keep tabs on all that happens on their children’s phones. Let’s see what you can do with the app besides tracking location:

View Installed Apps

With TeenSafe, you will see every app installed on the kid’s device. It allows you to monitor social media apps and block other unwanted applications.

Read Text Messages

The software allows you to read and interpret all sent and received text messages. Even better, you can retrieve deleted one in iOS.

Read Text Messages
Read Text Messages

Go Through Call Logs

Have no more worries about who your children keep calling now and then. TeenSafe allows you to analyze phone calls, expose names, date, time, etc.

See Website History

Know your kid’s surfing habits remotely and without them ever knowing. You will see more details like bookmarks, favorite websites, etc.

Part 4: Why do Millions of People Globally cherish TeenSafe

1. Setting up TeenSafe is straightforward and consumes less than five minutes.

2. There’s no root for Android phones and no jailbreak for iOS devices.

3. It’s simple and has an online-based, user-friendly interface.

4. TeenSafe is safe and free from malware or virus attacks.

5. You remain undetectable since it works stealthily using stealth mode technology.

6. You get over 35 exclusive parental control features.

7. Round-the-clock professional customer support services.

8. It has a one-click remote uninstallation button on the dashboard.

9. Compatible with any web browser.

10. You get affordable plans for any phone monitoring need.

11. Millions of customers in more than 190 countries currently enjoy TeenSafe’s capabilities.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Protect your kids from real-life threats and other online predators using the right tracking tools. Check out the TeenSafe live demo and see how it’s easy for phone location tracker with no experience.

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