The Only Face Morph Apps List You Need (2022)

In this article, we have covered details about face or photo morphing. We have also covered several best face morph apps, and these apps can be used on your devices to morph faces. Morphing photos or faces is a fun activity.

These photo editing applications edit photos on their own after the command given by the user. Users can select how they want their photo or face to be turned in; once the option is selected app will take some seconds or hardly a minute to process your face and then will give you the final morphed result, which can be funny or cool too

People create GIFs, videos, and even memes out of these morphed photos and share them on social media to have some more fun with others too. One of the most trending morphing photo trends is to change your age.

In this, people morph their images, and the app makes them look old or younger according to the option selected by the user To use these face morph apps, you do not need any reasonable requirements with your devices.

These apps can work smoothly on primary devices too. All you need is to find a good photo for morphing, or you can directly click a photo and get it morphed. These apps, which we have mentioned in the list, are available on iOS and Android platforms.

10 Best Face Morph Apps for Photo Morphing (2022)

#1. Face Morph

Download – Android

Face Morph app is one of the most amazing photo morphing apps. This app is free to download and available on Google Play Store. Face Morph offers you different morphing options and allows you to do transition among several filters or faces smoothly.

Changes on this app are pretty quick and easy to apply. Also, this app will enable you to edit your photo and add different features to them.

These features can be set according to user preference. Face Morph allows you to play with the facial features of the image, doing this, you can create different morphed images on your own.

This app is free to use and does not require any subscription, but as it is free, this app shows ads to its customer and puts a watermark on your photos when you export them. Also, you can remove these watermarks by paying for them.

#2. FaceApp

Download – Android

Usually, photo or face morphing apps offer only age changes or set the user’s photo with different photos. But FaceApp offers more than that, it may be not let your face put with some other face or something like that, but it has more to offer.

The age morph images in this app work brilliant, and moreover, this app offers beauty and makeover editing too. This app also offers to morph your face into hundreds of celebrity or animal faces available with the app. In the past one or two years, this app has gained a lot of popularity around the world.

Which made this app trending around the globe, and people were enjoying its age morph features a lot. You can download this app for free from the Google Play store, and this app is on 3rd position in the top grossing list of the app in the photography section on the Google Play store. This app is a must-try app if you want to enjoy morphing your faces and want to share them on your social media

#3. Reface

Download – Android

Looking for an app that literally can put your face or photo into a meme. Then Reface is the app you are looking for. This app offers a significant number of filters with which you can morph your image or face easily.

Also, with this app, you can very easily create videos and GIFs. This app offers a premium subscription which unlocks some additional tools and features.

These other features are more fun to explore and try on. There is this one filter of Mona Liza, which is very famous among people on this app.

This app is free to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can create different memes and easily share them across your social media accounts.

Also, many meme pages use this app when something goes trending to change faces, and people laugh at their funny memes, which are created with the help of this app only.

#4. Pic Morph

Download – Android

Pic Morph is a very famous application for morphing faces. This app lets you create funny morph images within seconds. This app is free to download on Google Play Store for Android devices.

Also, this app can recognize faces within a photo and allows you to change and morph them using different options which are offered by this app

You can use different filters to morph your image and change it into a very funny photo that can make tears come out of your eyes. You can also add base animation into your photos which can make your morph photos look even better and more fun.

Animations can be like a child to adult animation or adult to old age people animation or human to animal transformation, and much more this app offers. Also the best part about that it is free also it does not have a lot of ads on it.

#5. Beauty Face Plus

Download – Android

Ever think about how you will look as a cat or dog? Beauty Face Plus app lets you morph your face into these animals and more animals easily.

Also, you can morph your full face, and if you do not wish to morph your face full, then you can morph certain areas of your face according to your preference.

These areas can be the eyes, mouth, and more. These areas will be morphed while the rest of the area will remain original. You can also you different filters, emojis, frames, and much more, which are offered by Beauty Face Plus.

You can easily edit your photo manually and according to your preference. This is one of the famous face morph apps, and also this app is free for download too.

You can download Beauty Face Plus from the Google Play Store for Android users and start making your very own morph photos and sharing them with others.

#6. Multi Face Blender

Download – Android

Multi Face Blender is one of the known apps for face morphing. This app is available free for download on the Google Play Store for Android users.

This app has a crazy amount of filters that can turn your face into any celebrity, or if you want that your eyes should be changed only and the rest of the face should remain original, then this app can do that too.

You can morph a certain area of your face and let it remain original. Also, with this app, you can combine two or more faces together and then morph your face.

You can also change skin color, brightness, and much more. You can manually add and minus changes.

Make your own morphed images with your changes in mind only, and these changes can only be done with a few clicks. Share these morph images with anyone and anywhere and laugh together.

#7. FaceMorph

Download – Android

A particularly well-known application for face morphing is FaceMorph. With this program, you can quickly generate amusing morph images.

The Google Play Store for Android smartphones offers a free download of this software. Additionally, you can edit and morph faces using the app’s many choices when it recognizes them in a picture.

You can apply several effects to alter your image and turn it into a hilarious picture that might make you cry. Your photographs can also have basic animation added to them, which will make your morph photos look much funnier and better.

Animations might range from depicting children as adults to adults as elderly folks. There are several filters to try different options from them.

You can have more fun by combining some of the filters together and then morphing your face or photo. Combining filters will give extraordinary results, which may make your photo look more fun, or maybe it may make it worse.

#8. FaceMagic

Download – Android

FaceMagic may be the appropriate app for you if you’re looking for some amusing and cool filters to alter your face or image with. This software offers some of the funniest and best filters, some of which may not be available on other face morphing apps.

This app’s filters are divided into a variety of categories, including horror morphing, animal morphing, celebrity morphing, and many more.

Users of this app have access to a lot more features. Numerous other characteristics of your morphed image can also be edited, including mix choices, image positions, and a number of other adjustments.

Additionally, this program is free and is simple to download. This app is available for download on Google Play Store for Android users. You can make some very funny morphed photos and share them on social media with hashtags too.

#9. Face Blender

Download – Android

Face blender is one of the funniest apps. This app has a lot of funny templates to try on. Although this app is very simple to use and you can easily blend your face into any template without any problem.

You can blend your face into a firefighter or into a president, or into anything which is offered by this app. With a few simple clicks, you can easily morph your face and see the magic of this app, which can make you laugh.

To increase this laugh, you can edit your morph photos manually and can change your face layout, which can be more fun to see. This app is free to download and available on Google Play Store for Android users.

Also, you can use this app to make your face more attractive by choosing the right template for your face, and this application will make it happen within a few seconds.

#10. Face Swap

Download – Android

Looking for some cool and funny filters to morph your face or photo with, then Face Swap may be the right app for you. This app has some of the coolest and funny filters which may not be offered by other face morphing apps, and is worth trying.

The filters on this app are distributed in different categories such as horror morphing, animal morphing, celebrity morphing, and much more to explore.

There are several more things that users can explore in this app. You can also edit many features of your morphed photo, such as blend options you can look for, image positions you can change, and several other changes you can make.

Also, this app is free, and you can easily download this app from the Google Play store for Android devices. You can try different things, mix them together to see results that may be very funky, and share them with your friends and family over social media handles.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Morphing faces or photos are fun. People morph their faces and share them online with their friends and family members.

There are several options available to morph your faces or photos, but some features are exclusive to some apps only, but there are no limitations, and since these apps are free, you can download as many as you want to try every feature.

We have picked some of the best face morph apps from Google Play Store, and you can pick any one of them to start morphing your face and have some fun with it.

All these apps work smoothly on basic smartphones as they do not require any flagship processors or something like that. It requires a few clicks only to get your face morphed in any of these apps, and all apps are very easy to understand and use.

If you ask us which can be the best pick among these apps, we will choose Face Morph and FaceApp. You can go with our suggestion, but also you can try other apps because maybe they offer some exclusive features.

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