10+ Best Free Digitizing Embroidery Software for Machines

Do YOU want free digitizing software for embroidery machines? Then you are at the right place. In case you need to add various designs to your embroidery, all the embroidery machines have built-in designs to assist you with doing that. So if you are considering the possibility that you need to add your own images into your abilities of embroidery.

For this, you will require free embroidery digitizer software to assist you with doing that. There are numerous software options available that guarantee you the best quality and offer you affordable services as well. Yet, for a novice user, it is hard to choose from the different software options ranging from paid to free. So here we will break down the different software and discuss the features of the best free embroidery software. Additionally, we will explore where you can find free embroidery designs to use with the software for your projects.

SO, what is the best free embroidery digitizing software? As this question stands forever, individuals who want to enhance their skills, but no worries, in this article, we will likely cover most exceptional knowledge and information regarding this. Free machine Embroidery software is software that helps us to create free embroidery images designs over the mean of digitizing software.

Knowing more about this, you just have to feed the design to this software, which is analyzed further and helps you to give the desired result.

11 Best Free Auto Digitizing Embroidery Software for Embroidery Machines

There are many free auto-digitizing embroidery software but we have listed the ones with the best features and quality.

It lets you add objects, lines, letters, and former embroidery designs from a direction drawing. The whole shebang is conceivable with just photo embroidery digitizing software from machine embroidery to cross-stitch, and supplementary hand-woven embroiders.

So, let’s begin.

#1 Embrilliance Essentials

Each embroiderer needs essential devices to make embroidery designs their own. This free embroidery software for Brother should be quick to learn and enjoyable to utilize; that is why Embrilliance Essentials is one of the best embroidery digitizing software. With Embrilliance Essentials, you can consolidate designs, resize designs (recalculate stitches), eliminate covering stitches, colorize, print formats, add texts, thus substantially more. 

Embrilliance Essentials software is best viable with the mechanized sewing machines created by the Brother organization. Embrilliance Essentials accompanies 12 included text styles, and you can save a venture and update your designs later. It additionally gives you the alternative to add winding content or add exceptionally enormous letters. 

This free embroidery software has an assortment of features and offers to stitch the clothes and do embroidery without preparation. You can likewise choose from indicated worked-in designs, and stand by as the software which digitized images of embroidery for you. The interface is likewise exceptionally simple, so anybody can utilize it absent a lot of issues. 


  • Consolidation embroidery designs in practically any extension, even while they are in. ZIP files. 
  • Resize embroidery designs with stitch recalculation. 
  • Colorize embroidery designs and convert between string brands. 
  • Add lettering to your embroidery designs in Multi-Line, Monogram, and Circle modes. You can even spiral text or make truly LARGE weaved letters. 
  • Incorporates 13 versatile, object-based fonts
  • Save any design into your embroidery machine’s format.
  • Saves to .CSD, .DST, .DSZ, .EXP, .EXP+, .HUS, .JEF, .PCS, .PCM, .PES, .SEW, .SHV, .TAP, .VIP, .VP3, .XXX


  • Free pes embroidery designs 4×4
  • Embrilliance Essentials offers an Undo function, which is missing in most other software.  
  • Embrilliance Essentials offers a test system so you can perceive how your design looks before really sewing it. 
  • You can make multi-line or circle lettering. 
  • Macintosh and PC are both supported. 
  • This embroidery machine software has online instructional courses that are easy to understand if you are confused or have questions. 
  • It permits you to combine and resize designs, modify lettering text styles for monogramming, and change the hue and shade of a pre-set picture. 
  • The software program additionally incorporates 12 textual styles and the ability to modify text. 


  • Embrilliance Essentials doesn’t change JPG files or some other graphic art files into embroidery designs.
  • Embrilliance Essentials can be considered costly. 
  • It doesn’t come with an actual manual to understand the basics. 
  • You can eliminate portions of the designs, yet you can not change a portion of the zones. 
  • You can not scan pictures and import them in for changing the design.

#2 My Editor

It is one of the best free embroidery software with efficient and straightforward features. Loaded with all of the fantastic features and rich library sources. For those who are glancing for free and straightforward software, My Editor is just a foot apart.

With this free auto digitizing embroidery software, it comes with a wide-ranging compendium of advanced stitch editing that can single and multiple embroidery stitching. It also provides you additional browsing and saving capabilities for enhanced manufacture and material administration.

free auto digitizing embroidery software
My editor

A primarily essential function, such as inserting, deleting, and replacing stitches, can be carried over this free embroidery design software. Also, you can save your work and further edit it over different formats. Furthermore, it is available for Windows XP and over Vista with no additional charges.


  • Free and straightforward viewing and editing features
  • Comprehensive, forward-looking stitch editor
  • Open and manage.NGS files.
  • Open and save too many different embroidery machine file formats effortlessly.
  • 3D performance of the embroidery design with perverse threads for envisaging the concluding result.


  • My Editor offers a 3D view of embroidery design with twisted strings to visualize the finalized end product. 
  • It permits fast opening files with embroidery designs and changes them to the configuration needed for your embroidery machine. 
  • My Editor allows you to see projects utilizing the Auto Ran function of the center mouse click. 
  • While you are working in design, you can utilize the center snap (click the roller in) and change to mouse skillet mode. 
  • Completely compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10. 
  • Ability to cut stitches from the design by determining the length range automatically with 0 lengths. 


  • A few clients discover it unbelievably testing to edit pictures
  • Incessant blunders with background tones. 
  • Overall fewer features than its other free embroidery software competitors.

#3 BES Embroidery Software 3

It is from Brother, is amongst the foremost popular brands of embroidery machines. It is a feature-rich program that should be useful for all embroidery enthusiasts, regardless of their proficiency level. If you’re a beginner and wish to do this program, you’ll design and edit beautiful monograms, lettering, and border designs.

There are quite 190 combined pre-digitized fonts in this program, apart from 145 inbuilt applique designs, 77 built-in intonation designs, and 77 inbuilt border designs. This software is additionally compatible with most brands of embroidery machines, meaning you don’t need to have or use a Brother Embroidery machine to use it.

free embroidery digitizing software
BES Embroidery Software 3

It is very user-friendly with easy-to-know icons. The software seems like a perfect give-away, but there’s a vicious circle. It is only “free” for 30 days, from which you can get a look to go with this fantastic tool or not.


  • The multi-format software platform
  • Companionable with most prevalent brands of embroidery machines
  • Over 190 built-in pre-digitized letterings
  • More methods to match materials and stabilizers
  • Generate exceptional design effects
  • More excision abilities


  • BES Embroidery Software comes with a detailed instruction manual.
  • You can review your embroidery design in the color preview.
  • You can print design previews for use as placement templates.
  • BES Embroidery Software supports three different frame sizes. Be sure to use the right size designs for your machine; otherwise, the machine will reject the card. 


  • BES Embroidery Software works with Brother machines.
  • The BES embroidery design software is not compatible with MacBook.
  • BES Embroidery Software can not create advanced embroidery patterns. Still, it comes with some built-in designs, and you can download compatible designs from the internet. 
  • The Card memory is 4 MB only, which is insufficient for most designs.

#4 TrueSizer

Wilcom TrueSizer is one of the more popular free embroidery software for windows 10 that you simply can find on the web. This is freemium software, meaning you’ll only access certain essential functions free of charge. If you’re urged to get the premium functions, you’ll need to pay $99 for the professional version.

Still, the free version isn’t a nasty deal. Here are two versions—the TrueSizer Web, which is meant for people that are always on the go, and TrueSizer Desktop, which is intended for desktop computers. The TrueSizer Web is often used on Apple as well as for Android devices.

digitized embroidery software

With this software, you will be able to read and convert images to embroidery files, resize and revolve embroidery files, open and save various file extensions, and deliberate manifold colorways. Moreover, you can get access to more advanced features over the paid version, but the free version can still help initial and essential projects.


  • Read and alter several files and formats
  • Authorize customer service to hustle up production developments
  • Assurance quality of the finishing stitch-out
  • Manifold colorways and thread matching
  • Unique quality.EMB files
  • Used widely over several platforms


  • TrueSizer allows the client to design with vertical and flat mirroring
  • It also allows mirroring the design by a reference line 
  • TrueSizer allows rotation of the design by 45 degrees clockwise/against clockwise 
  • It has an easy design transformation interface.


  • TrueSizer has been known to have restricted functionality.

#5 SewWhat-Pro

SewWhat-Pro is not a free embroidery software program but has advanced assignment control features, consisting of without problems editable thread colors, product manufacturers, and an editable desk for coming into assignment information.

Without problems, it has the capacity to examine and write thread color text documents for notable projects; this embroidery software program climbs up the ladder to rise to be one of the quality embroidery software programs. A plugin is to be needed from myriaCross which essentially, converts cross-sew documents to embroidery documents.

free digitizing software for embroidery machine

For the ones, who need the loose embroidery software program, virtually use SewWhat-Pro without spending a penny till the trial length expires.

You can cut up sample alternatives for dividing into distinctive components a chunk of design, clear out stitches to help characterize deleting quick stitches. You can come to the SewWhat Pro digitized embroidery software program for about ₹ 19K/- which is quite expensive but worth using.


  • Sight embroidery files, even uncertainly they are counted in zip or RAR archives
  • Put on the real-time stitch out of a design
  • Modification of distinct thread colors and contextual fabrics
  • Print out the layout and design instance for better result
  • Density regulation interchange to resize a pattern at an endless density
  • Graphical or text-based rearrangement of thread color halts is obtainable


  • SewWhat-Pro has Graphic separation of patterns
  • SewWhat Pro helps to resize a pattern at constant density
  • It also allows writing compact flashcards for all types of machines
  • SewWhat-Pro has an editable table where you can enter project information
  • With SewWhat-Pro, you can read and write thread color as ‘txt’ files for all types of embroidery projects
  • It provides multiple thread palettes


  • Not compatible on MacOS and Vista
  • The software was difficult and complicated to install and use.
  • Not as feature-rich as more expensive brands

#6 Bernina Artlink 7: Embroidery Digitizing Software

Like TrueSizer, this is another free embroidery software that you simply might want to download.

This is frequently exceedingly recommended software for beginners who wish to raise their aids in Embroidery. The up-to-the-minute version of Bernina Artlink consents users to resize and re-color designs of their projects simply.

best software for embroidery machines
Bernina Artlink 7

It’s also been elevated so that it’s well-suited with Windows 8.1, apart from the software’s improved interface. It allows you to use various features, including hoop selection, grid view, and slow redraw, to help further you exaggerate your project inefficiently. It also has many digitized images for embroidery for you to use. Many beginners can use this to skilled themselves.


  • Effortless, free hoop assortment by just a mouse click
  • Gradual redraw feature
  • Grid view for best possible accuracy
  • Laidback customization of thread colors
  • Print out embroidery screening


  • Bernina Artlink 7 is a free auto digitizing embroidery software
  • It has a Grid see, which helps you adjust and edit your picked embroidery design precisely.
  • Bernina Artlink has a Hassle-free hoop selection by mouse click that lets you specify the embroidery hoop you want with a click of your mouse.


  • Bernina Artlink 7 is not operable on Windows 8 or Higher
  • It is not compatible with other embroidery computer software.

#7 DRAWings PRO X

DRAWings PRO X is embroidery software that’s pertinent for graphic designing, Embroidery, and textile and screen printing. With impressive features and the latest service packs installed, the software works perfectly as embroidery software for MAC OS and Windows 7, 8 and 10, platform independently.

Computerized quilting and fabric painting are the different facilities that offer to the users. You’ll use this Embroidery digitizing software’s cutwork tool to draw and like to be cut. It allocates merely to cutwork and leases your embroidery machine process this information.


It knows the fact that it is only available for the Windows operating system and Mac OS. You can download this software and is one of the most straightforward embroidery software, and its PRO XI package is out there at ₹ 1.56 Lacs.


  • Works on MAC OS and the up-to-date Windows OS versions and hence is compatible
  • Pre-digitized fonts encompassed in the inscription tool
  • Cutwork instrument that chains cutting needles for embroidery machines
  • Multi-hooping is now conceivable
  • Envisage the hooping procedure by spinning and moving the rounds


  • Its lettering tool includes pre-digitized fonts
  • Envelope on text
  • Snip tool that helps with cutting needles used in embroidery machines
  • Multi-hooping support


  • DRAWings PRO X takes practice and a lot of test stitching.
  • DRAWings PRO X user interface is complicated
  • It is very expensive

#8 BuzzEdit v3

BuzzEdit may be popular embroidery software and stitch editor that helps to modify and make embroideries. All-inclusive software, BuzzEdit, is considered a layout program, a basic digitizing program, and an auto-hooping program that is way more unique than other software. This embroidery software may be a customizer and an automatic wreath and border creator.

It is appropriate for embroidery stitch editing, basic digitizing, and customization. Simply add, delete or move stitches with BuzzEdit to relish embroidery stitching tool editing capabilities. The exciting feature of BuzzEdit v3 is that it helps you easily create continuous borders that are precisely aligned.

BuzzEdit v3 digitized software
BuzzEdit v3

Additionally, you’ll change design colors, add new color breaks, or just rotate and flip designs with this efficient software. BuzzEdit version is out there at the price of ₹ 12,145 on online websites. Moreover, it is compatible with Vista, Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.


  • Updated print functions
  • Auto-hooping program
  • Updated thread palettes and hoops
  • Construct point clip down and concluding in a single step
  • The modernized template consists of the name of design, cross hair selections, improved graphics


  • Powerful stitch editing facilities
  • Helps with digitizing & auto-hooping
  • It provides advanced layout functions
  • There is the customizer facility


  • It is unable to convert an embroidery file format from a graphics file format
  • It’s not Mac compatible.

#9 Hatch

#10 Embird

#11 Bernina embroidery software

#12 Embroidermodder

#13 Sophiesew

How Much Does It Cost To Digitize For Embroidery?

 There is an enormous vary once it involves evaluation for digitizing and has completely different approaches to the method that they worth their digitizing. Some digitizers charge by the sew count solely. There is an abundance of many smart digitizers that charge you about $7.00 to $20.00 per thousand stitches.

Typically they charge by how long it takes and usually by the quality of the look. However, the cost for digitizing is predicated on the number of stitches and thread color changes as needed to re-create the brand in Embroidery. Finding a proper digitizer will help you carry out your project with less penny and excellent work.

Different Embroidery Formats Supported by Free Embroidery Software

 The various embroidery formats that are practiced widely vary according to which machine is in use. Some of them are listed below for your reference. This is additional information that may help you to find better software.

How To Select The Best Embroidery Digitizing Software?

In Embroidery Digitizing Software, the patterns are easily fed in embroidery software free and premium to produce designs, which are then fed into sewing machines for an impeccable finish. Machine embroidery digitizing software free or paid has a pool of design designs. Furthermore, the embroidery stitching instrument has needles to stitch in the example you pick.

The features you need to look out for in the best Embroidery Digitizing Software are:

1. Range and target population

It is important to know what type of program and embroidery computer it supports.

2. Format Support

The Embroidery Digitizing Software should support a variety of file extensions.

3. Vector graphics

It should have various art techniques and layers.

4. Stitch sections

It should be able to stitch various layers and cut precisely at the end sections.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Those were the top 11 best free auto digitizing embroidery software this year 2022, which has received a lot of traffic these days. Each one of them is worth trying, but looking for top picks amongst these 7; My Editor is one of the most recommended software.

Moreover, you have knowledge in this field and want advanced software then, Sew-What Pro and Buzz Edit can be at your best shot. Yet those are quite expensive but these are the cheapest digitizing software right now that can give you the desired output.

Additionally, if you are new to this field and hoping for the best companion software, Bernina Artlink 7 and TrueSizer can be the pre-eminent choice for you.

Hope all your queries about the embroidery digitizing software are cleared. Feel free to comment below for your further questions. So what do you think? Which software caught your interest? If there is some other software that did not make it to the list, leave a comment below to let us know.

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